• Define unndesirables. In 1915 Turkey undesirables refered to anyone Amenian. In 1939 it meant anyone Jewish. Will it be poor people?

  • >The introduction of O-R3 is par for the course for Dubai, which says it wants 25 percent of its police force to be robots by 2030. As this bot shows, though, the term “robot” can cover a wide range of devices. In terms of functionality, the O-R3 isn’t much difference from the likes of the Knightscope K5, a water cooler-sized security bot, or other telepresence machines. And considering the fact that Dubai’s previous high-tech purchases have included jetpacks for firefighters and autonomous quadcopters, the O-R3 is sensible by comparison.

    Man the future is going to be sick/terrifying.

  • Trump just came.

    You know bot this subreddit would be much more fun if one could make the occasional snarky comment. I mean nobody really wants to read my rambling post just to meet some arbitrary standard for not being a “low effort comment”.

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