[Poetry] The Alabama Spring Game

[Poetry] The Alabama Spring Game

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  • The Sims 5 is brought to you by…

  • >Spoofy.

    I see someone watches gamegrumps

  • That was legit dumb.

    Boofaloo willied wangs got me though.

  • I do not understand.

  • /r/sbubby

    For more like this.

  • Him almost losing it on Willied Wangs is the best part

  • r/ooer

  • r/InterdimensionalCable

  • This video has been verified by me as dank.

  • ha ha, i like when man says silly word, it make me guffaw

  • This reminded me of the Interdimensional cable episodes in Rick and Morty

  • roll tide

  • He doesn’t even say sbubby… Wtf

  • Roll Tide!

  • I…I don’t get it….

  • I don’t get it


  • I feel cheated I never got to see Sbubby ^(eef ^^freef)

  • Roo Teed

  • Y thou?

  • Is this guy a sims character?

  • inb4 /r/HailCorporate

  • *huuuu*

  • This is amazing <3

  • *Pronohuncing things incorriglly*

  • This is what english sounds like to non-english speakers

  • /r/crappyoffbrands

  • This is funny right guys? This what the kids find funny now a days right?

  • Random =/= Funny

  • What is this sub

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