Please stay safe!

Please stay safe!

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  • This is the kind of /r/gatekeeping I can get behind.

  • this leaves out a step, looking both ways doesn’t mean there is no traffic.

  • Oof owie my bones

  • This is basically wholesome /r/bonehurtingjuice


  • This leaves out the crucial line

    >and there are no cars coming

  • If you look like this…

    You’re Paul from Big Brother

  • If I look nothing like that, is there a chance it’s still safe?

  • BTW Opposite ways in Australia, NZ, Japan, UK, and some other random countries.

  • Looking both ways doesn’t mean it’s safe to cross. Looking both ways and there’s no cars coming, then it’s safe.

    Stupid sexy bearded guy.

  • Am the only one who does this even at a one-way road?

  • What if you perform step (2) again after step (3)?

  • As someone who works on the side of the highway with cars going 70+mph by me every day this is crucial. The closer I am to the lane of traffic the more my head is on a swivel. Gotta be safe so everyone goes home at the end of the day!

  • Look at all these cars!


  • /r/comedynecromancy

  • When I was a shitty little kid a teacher told us “Look left, then right, then left again before you cross.”

    I asked why you had to look left twice. She said to look left again in case someone was coming through when you were looking right.

    I then asked if you should look right again, then left again, then right again, then left again, for the same reason, to infinity.

    She told me to quit being a smartass, which was totally fair, but tbh I’m still a little upset she didn’t answer the question. Every now and then when I cross the street I remember this confrontation, and I’ve never been hit by a car. Not even once. She was a great teacher.

  • r/WholesomeComedyCemetryMemes

  • Everybody look left!

    Everybody look right!

    Just to be safe, I’m…
    Crossing at the stoplight!

  • r/bonehurtingjuice

  • r/bonehurtingjuice

  • reposted from r/bonehurtingjuice ?

  • Or to leave your dogs poop

  • Australia begs to differ.

  • Is that Scroobius Pip?

  • Juice that makes you look both ways

  • Unless there’s a car coming.

  • Shave all beards!

  • I don’t want to look like that.

  • I thought this was r/GateKeeping for a moment.

  • What even if there a steamroller approaching?

  • I just walk as a statement against societal ways.

  • Nice trick! I’ve always wanted to know the trick to making all the cars freeze!

  • One important step was missed out:


    >If you like like this

    > then like this

    >and back like this

    >**and you didn’t see any vehicles**

    >It’s safe to cross the street

  • This made me giggle, have an upvote.

  • Dank

  • Do I really have to grow a beard?

  • I had to yell at a guy one Saturday morning while I was riding my bike. I was blazing up this gnarly hill and some guy jaywalks into the road from the ride side while looking in the exact OPPOSITE direction of possible oncoming traffic.. It was a close call and I was forced to make the split second decision to shoulder him to the side while alerting him to, “LOOK BOTH WAYS!”

  • This was dank

  • This is bonehurtingly wholesome

  • Not if you’re European or Australian!

  • Just because you look both ways doesn’t mean a car isnt coming

  • But what if cars are still coming?

  • I just woke up read that as

    “If you look like this, then *like* this”

    and got super confused by the third part

  • Looking the same direction the second time is silly. Just once both ways and you’re good.

  • didn’t see which subreddit this was, had a good snort

  • 70 comments and #3 on /r/all… Amazing…

  • When I saw it say “if you look like this” I was scared it would be an incel meme.

  • FYI that’s [Chris John Millington](

  • That guy is incredibly handsome.

  • Oof. Ouchie.

  • I was expecting a muslim joke, am surprised it’s just a dad joke.

  • Careful not to post this in /r/Roadcam

    You’ll be called a “victim blamer”

  • Correction: You’ll know if it’s safe to cross the street!

  • One of the most innocent memes I have ever seen

  • It’s safe to cross the street because you looked right, left and right again?

    See I would say it’s safe to cross the street when there is no cars hurtling towards your position when you’re crossing.

  • bhj?

  • Does anyone else realize he only looked to the left, once, while looking to the right, twice?

    What’s he trying to do, get himself killed?

  • Oswald and weenie taught me that

  • Instructions unclear: stared at car as it hit me.

  • The image was reversed – he only ever looked left. Dude’s gonna get run over.

  • Not in England. Look back the other way again.

  • I don’t look like that. For one, I can’t grow a beard.

    Can I still cross the street?

  • this tastes like r/bonehurtingjuice

  • I feel like his beard grew a little between each frame.

  • [I made a British version](

  • and then watch as someone reverses into your motorbike.

  • Photogenic warnings.

  • Ouch owie my bones

    Edit: whoops that was already top comment sorry

  • I thought this was r/bonehurtingjuice for a moment

  • I almost got hit by a car while crossing the street and talking on the phone once. So now I do this every time I cross the road. Takes just one second of inattention to become a vegetable, or worse; crack your new iPhone.

  • Wtf they actually successfully stole a bonehurtingjuice meme.

  • Ah look another lumberdouche beard

  • Guess I gotta grow a beard if I wanna cross the street then

  • Stealing from r/bonehurtingjuice? What has this world come to.

  • ‘Steps into street, meets city bus head on’

  • Wow, if I do that I can walk in front of semi’s?

  • If you look left then right and then left again, what about looking right again. But then you would have to check left again and then you have to check right again. WHEN IS IT SAVE TO CROSS THE ROAD.

  • This post made me sick.

  • And if you look like that, you look like the typical caricature of a wanna-be hipster with his lumberjack beard that was trendy in 2015.

  • Oof

  • I have to say this really got me 😂😂

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