• Farmers and systems administrators are some of the hardest working, laziest people you’ll meet.

  • A machine gun for making food instead of killing people.

  • This is a weapon Captain Planet would use.

  • jesus tap-dancing christ.

    As someone who hand-planted this year… i need one of these.

  • need

    although I wonder if packing that belt with soil to start seeds in is more work than just sticking a seed in the ground

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  • Extremely satisfying

  • What type of veggies are they. I wish people would trek the whole story at the start.

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  • Dude has chrome hubcaps and white walls on that thing

  • These are some very confused and then content plants.

  • awesome

  • Will the plant grow healthily even if they don’t remove the black tape thing that holds the plant together?

  • Wow, belt fed plants lol.

  • Soil looks pretty dry (not a farmer. Could be prime conditions for all I know)

  • All seedlings at once; “aaahhhhhhhhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

  • This is beautiful

  • I didn’t know an earthboner was a thing, but now I’ve got one.

  • “they took our jobs” na, this thing did.

  • This guy sells them in the US –> http://www.smallfarmworks.com/

    Nicest guy and absolutely fucking loves farming.

  • What is that, Cress?

  • Where is the machine replacing the human involved?

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  • This is an example of automation replacing our farmers.

  • If only grandma could live to see this…

  • Mind blown

  • That’s really satisfying…

  • What the fuck?! That is so fucking cool!!!!!

  • The food chain has never been so literal

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  • Unnnnnhhhhhh that was so satisfying.

  • wow!

  • Sorry for asking, but does it even exist a sub for this? Im very curious! Please any help would be great!
    Sorry my poor english


  • I don’t know why but this is what I wanna do for a living

  • I need to step my weed game up

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  • Before everybody gets a farming boner at this system, I’d like to point out that the energy and materials used to manufacture the neat little belt that holds everything together probably outstrips the worth of the crop that it is helping to produce here. You planted, watered, harvested, processed and ultimately manufactured something with cotton (and so much shipping!) just to make the belt when you could have just grown field crops in the first place. In terms of energetic ROI, this is a nightmare.

  • This has inspired me to make a seedling gun

  • I would prefer to walk forward all day while doing this rather than backward

  • awesome but you still have to walk it???

  • That’s cheating.

  • With the small amount of space each seedling takes up wouldnt it make more sense to have it so the operator isn’t walking backwards? Surely there’s a better design waiting to be implemented here.

  • So, commercial farmers do this on a much larger scale.
    [Example of using a mechanized system to transplant seedlings](https://instagram.com/p/BFB8TBTDAwh/)

    In the US (I’m familiar with mostly California and Arizona vegetable farming practices there, these day) farming has grown increasingly technology driven. Labor is generally short (blame trump if that’s your thing) so farmers are trying everything to plant as much and as fast as possible so that it all matures at once. It is becoming harder and harder to make money by working a small, independent farm. A lot of these farmers join a “co-op” like “Ocean Mist” or “Nunes” (you know it as Foxy), and sell their product to the co-op. The co-op sticks their brand on it, generally in the form of a logo on a plastic wrapper, and sells it to wholesalers, grocery stores or food processors and gives the farmer a share of the profits. The price is usually determined by the quality. The quality standards are loosely based on USDA guidelines.

    Source:I worked in the produce industry for 20 years, mostly on the wholesale and sales end, with input and explanation by the farmers/brokers.

    Also, [just some of the work that goes into the farming. ](https://instagram.com/p/BGIXohZmtgd/)
    Sorry for the IG links, but they are very good examples.

  • Farm equipment is the pinnacle of human efficiency.

  • Should be reversed so planter can keep the line straight. Going backwards was a stupid design.

  • omg, The man who did this is a genius

  • I can’t wait to see this in /r/reallifedoodles !

  • Dope

  • If you are interested in this type of farming check out Urban Farmer Curtis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjelRDqlIQ4

    He does raise some concerns that later it may have more weeding because you don’t tarp plant. It is really efficient and does cut his time down to small fractions. If it does cause more weeding it may or may not be as efficient.

  • I’m sitting here, trying to figure out how that cart can spew so many plants out at a time. What is this thing called?

  • You know, whenever I think of a farmer I always imagine some hard working old guy hand planting stuff.

    Then I see this and it breaks my wholesome vision.

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  • It must have taken quite some time to load that bandoleer of plants however….

  • That’s cool and all but you can get a robot to do it.

  • Somebody has to “load” the seedling belt…

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