• The problem with “millennials” is that they’re human. They’re just doing the same shit their parents, and their parents before them, did. It just has a modern flavor.

  • How can you say an entire generation of people are all exactly the same? It just doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • >narcissists who find everything mortally offensive

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • I swear, these type of people are secretly the biggest babies and outburst at the drop of a fedora.

  • Ayy nerd³

  • “I hope @JeremyClarkson punches you again.”

    I really wish he’d have to read this non-stop every day, 24 hours a day for the rest of his life. Oh wait, he probably does. Which is amazingly awesome.

    Piers, if you’re reading this, I hope Jeremy Clarkson decks you in the face. Again.

  • Old man yells via cloud.

  • Ayy Nerd³ I’ve been watching and loving his shit for years

  • He (nerdcubed) actually put this in his Twitter bio haha.

    >’Hairy Little Millennial Twerp.’ – Piers Morgan. Married to @Mr_Rebecca. Have two dogs.

  • Oh Dan

  • What happened to Piers Morgan? Was there some tragedy? I remember about 10 ish years ago in England he was a judge on something, like Britain’a got talent, I don’t know… he wasn’t loved but he was just a judge that… was a judge. Now he goes on twitter to rant about an entire generation using really harsh language for no other reason than he doesn’t like someone? What a bully… what happened to him? Is he ok?

  • he uses a hashtag in a post complaining about hashtags

  • Whenever I hear someone complain about millennials needing safe spaces, I just laugh and say “oh like our president who insults people on twitter because he got his feelings hurt?”

    Undoubtedly, the person complaining about millennials is a staunch conservative.

  • Woah, that’s Nerdcubed; Never thought I’d see him here.

  • Another case of the older generation blaming the younger one that THEY RAISED. It’s like when Gen X or Baby Boomers complain about participation trophys…that they gave out and we didn’t ask for

  • Yeah well at least we didn’t destroy the planet

  • And it was DAN FROM NERDCUBED of all people! Haha!

  • How do I get offered the opportunity to punch him in the face?

  • The only people I’ve ever heard complaining about others being too sensitive have very thin skin.

  • Sounds like he’s the whining, ill-informed narcissist.

  • Please see Adam Conover’s wonderful talk Millennials Don’t Exist

  • The funny thing is that the “Millennial” generation just keeps getting bigger and bigger, because everyone now just refers to it as “young people.”

    It was originally 1980-1995, for kids that had their formative years during the passing of the millennium.

    I’ve seen teenagers referred to as millennials now. You know, kids born *after* the millennium.

  • Yay Dan made it

  • is today just Hate Piers Morgan Day?

    Not that I’m against that, I would just like a little bit of a warning so I can get my effigies prepped.

  • On one hand I think hating an entire generation is stupid but on the other hand I hate being labeled a “millennial”. I was born in 1985, depending who you ask it goes from 1980 or so to about 1997? Idk, I feel a “millennial” would be someone who was born in the mid-late 90s and grew up in the early 2000s as far as elementary school and what not. There is a huge difference in someone born in 1980 vs 1995.

  • No single image has ever summed up the baby boomers so perfectly.

  • Tears Morgan is taking punches? Where’s the line?

  • Like half the things he lists there aren’t even bad.

    Oh my god, we eat vegetables, use social media and have a spectrum of identities? The *horror*!

  • I think the more most narcissistic thing someone can say or believe is that they’re better than an entire generation of humanity, which is implied any time someone says this stupid shit.

  • Everyone knows Piers is a nasty arrogant self opinionated twit, loving to take advantage of the free speech concept and trudge in his English gumboots along the line dividing slander from candor, projecting his small penis frustration out into the world like a rabid gnarly badger, biting at anything happier than it’s pathetic self loathing self. Whenever I stab a dandelion with my shovel, I see Piers droopy cheeks and morbid eyes in that poor weed.

  • LOL that snippet he posted, what a self-righteous piece of shit.

  • Alright, what the hell is a millennial, anyway? What’s the age range we’re talking about here?

  • Every time I hear someone complain about millenials, I kindly refer them to this quote by Socrates:

    AUTHOR: Socrates (469–399 B.C.)

    QUOTATION: The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.

  • A TV personality calling other people “self-obsessed”

  • Bad thing, bad thing, bad thing, EATS NUTRITIOUS FOOD, bad thing, bad thing, bad thing, TRYING NOT TO BE AN ASSHOLE, bad thing, bad thing.

  • I love how they say our generation is terrible and lazy. Then you point out that their generation raised our generation. they respond with “my kids arent like that”. Then you wait a little while (or the next day) and you’ll hear them talking about how THEIR KIDS are lazy as hell.

  • Is no one going to comment on the paradoxical argument in millenials being *both* mortally offended at everything *and* sexually identifying as one of 165 genders? If his logic held they would all be mortally offended at themselves.

  • I really don’t have much of an issue with millenials at all. I was young once. I used to do terrible things too. I remember this one time I ran in a field of wheat and made the farmer quite angry.

  • To be fair, piers never used the word sensitive. And that guys reaction was kind of stupid as well.

  • Quite a stretch here. Not seeing the Irony. Actually seems more like a sad millennial just acting childish, which proves Piers’ point.

  • I don’t even know who this guy is and I’m in my 30s and half my family is literally from England.

  • Millennials have certainly turned narcissism into a fine art (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, et al. are all purely masturbatory), but Piers and his Boomer buddies are hardly innocent of it.

  • Dan’s had that quote in his Twitter bio thingy ever since

  • Piers Morgan is such a fuckboi it’s sad.

  • What’s wrong with eating kale?

    First they say we’re too fat. Now we get shit for eating healthy?

  • The insult is actually hilarious especially with Morgan’s accent. Am I the only one thinking British insults are funny..

  • What is wrong with eating kale? It’s a fucking vegetable. Is he getting offended over people eating vegetables?

  • Now I know why people hate him, never knew anything about him

  • Piers Morgan is one of the few celebrity deaths I plan to celebrate if I live to see it. Really looking forward to it.

  • I love that Piers talks a bunch of shit but you know if that cat shows up it’ll be security that deals with it and Piers will stay hidden.

  • In all fairness Piers’ response wasn’t “angry”, it actually felt like goofing around. The only one angry in that interaction, if there’s anyone, is the guy hoping Piers get punched.

  • Piers Morgan is one of the best representatives of the “angry old man” archetype, since his face resembles a fist being angrily shaken at some youths.

  • It is always the littlest men who have the biggest mouths.

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