Pesticides damage survival of bee colonies, landmark study shows – The world’s largest ever field trial demonstrates widely used insecticides...

Pesticides damage survival of bee colonies, landmark study shows – The world’s largest ever field trial demonstrates widely used insecticides harm both honeybees & wild bees, increasing calls for a ban

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  • We’ve known this for decades.

    We *didn’t want to know this*.

    We tried desperately to prove it was something else for decades.

    We are just finally admitting it’s what we always knew it was.

  • I don’t like this title. It’s not pesticides, it’s a specific type of pesticides, neonicotinoids.

  • So instecticide is harmful to a certain insect? Shocking. Who could’ve predicted this?

  • I am actually researching this right now I started out with some basic neonicotinoid bs and now am researching Chlorpyrifos. If you guys have any questions pm me, I mostly handle the lcms/gcms results.

  • Didn’t we know this years before for the cause of bee colony collapse? I guess it’s always good to have a growing mountain of irrefutable proof.

  • This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 88%. (I’m a bot)
    > Widely used insecticides damage the survival of honeybee colonies, the world's largest ever field trial has shown for the first time, as well as harming wild bees.

    > "Together, the two studies make strong contributions to the growing scientific consensus about the harms of neonicotinoid pesticides to bees," said Prof James Nieh, at the University of California San Diego.

    > Prof David Goulson, a bee expert at the University of Sussex, UK, said: "In the light of these new studies, continuing to claim that use of neonicotinoids in farming does not harm bees is no longer a tenable position. In my view we should also consider the bigger picture; the current model of farming based on huge monocultures treated with dozens of pesticides is causing devastating environmental harm, undermining vital ecosystem services that keep us all alive.”

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  • “Millions-year old war with honeybees nearly over.”


  • Thats why we have guards in place to prevent this. The issue is lots of people dont follow the protocols. For example you aren’t supposed to spray where honey bee are till after dark since they wont he out. Nor are you allowed to spray any budding plants. Its an issue yes but mostly due to misuse of the products. Source: i kill bugs for money

  • I’ve been saying this for years now, but the assholes over at ifuckinglovescience just want to call me an uneducated troll

  • Anyone know the p-value for this?

  • Who would have thought?

  • This means that Pruitt will be announcing deregulation on pesticides, right?

  • This just in. Scott Pruitt has suspended all EPA research into the effect of pesticides on honey bees.

  • Is noone going to comment about how this is Black Mirror in real life? Hated In The Nation literally talks of a world where bees are extinct.

  • I think the opinion expressed in this article on the study in [this piece]( is the most important takeaway:

    >According to the CEH lead author, Dr Ben Woodcock, “The neonicotinoids investigated caused a reduced capacity for all three bee species to establish new populations in the following year, at least in the UK and Hungary.” **He suggests the differing impacts on honeybees between countries may be associated with interacting factors including the availability of alternative flowering resources for bees to feed on in the farmed landscape as well as general colony health, with Hungarian and UK honeybees tending to be more diseased.**

    [Edit clicked too quick.]

    The question for regulators is, do you take a tool out of the toolbox, or do you regulate better? This same study that shows neonics to be harmful, also shows that they can be used effectively without being harmful. Hopefully people hear that rather than deferring to their preconceived notions of either “this is just hippie bullshit!” or “ban all pesticides, organic *everything!*

  • Cool. Let me know when we start going against where the money lies.

  • Not one comment telling everyone how this is BS and we should all just stop worrying and keep the status quo? I am impressed.

  • I remember when traveling through Croatia, the fruit and veggie stands at the market were swarmed with bees. It was amazing. The fruit was so flavorful and the bees were happy.

  • I got a hive last month. Now I’m a beekeeper. If you like to eat fruits and vegetables and breathe air, protect and help the bees!

  • If I can hi-jack, what are some green alternatives to protecting my plants? I only have flower pots/rail hanging plots at my place that the bugs have torn into those. Any suggestions?

  • I’m in the pest control industry and one thing that irks me is the availability of pesticides/termiticides. I understand it’s costly to have your home or business treated by a professional and cheaper to buy the products yourselves online or go out of state to purchase them. I’m in California and people tell me they went to Nevada or somewhere else and bought Termidor and they will be doing their own treatment. There is a reason pest control companies charge what they charge. We are licensed and in the company I work for, trained on a weekly basis. I see people “hosing” down their house like we use to do back in the day. Most of what ends up in the gutter is caused by miss-applications. People treating flowering bushes and plants which in turn kill bees and other non-target pests. As for the Ag industry, I’m sure we all can come up with a product that does not affect bees *and* is cost effective.

  • Wait a minute… you mean to tell me that insecticides not only kill undesirable insects, but desirable insects, too? They needed a study?

  • I think that it is our mandate as humans is to use pesticides so long as there is a significant problem with insect spread diseases and food shortages in parts of this world.

    I believe that one sentient human life is more existentially important than the existence of any other species. We will invent new pollination techniques when the time comes that such action must be taken.

    These are just my views. The point at which a single human life is endangered by the use of fewer pesticides, simply for the sake of ‘preserving nature,’ is the point at which I feel we are making an immoral decision as a species.

  • I know I am very late here. I recently left a very large pest control company for this exact reason. In fact it is the 3rd largest pest control company in the US. The main issue considering bees is when we perform “mosquito jobs” in which we wear gas powered air misters to spray diluted powerful pesticides to kill mosquitoes. The material used has a long lasting effect and will kill practically any insect that lands on a plant that has been treated. One of the main problems is that the area that I worked in was very much high end and obviously had an abundance of flora. Ive killed very many bees doing this work and it didn’t sit right with me. Feel free to ask me questions.

  • Does it matter? Like, we’re not going to stop using insecticides.

    We use them for a reason, that reason being our civilization is dependent on industrial scale food production. Like we’re going to leave ourselves open to a plague of locusts devouring crops. People lose their shit waiting too long for a frappuccino at starbucks. Imagine if millions or billions of us were literally starving.

    Seems like it’d be easier to engineer bees to be immune.

  • Insecticides harming insects. Ridiculous.

  • PESTICIDES AFFECT INSECTS????????????????????????

  • We can stop using all insecticides and go back to local only agriculture. Wait…..that wouldn’t feed everyone and result in millions of HUMANS dying. I guess you’ll have to come up with plan c.

  • This is one of the most overused and misunderstood stories I always see.

    I did a tenure as a bee removal worker. We used a pesticide derived from a flower, Chrysanthemum, that broke down after a week. And we had to remove bees from the same locations every couple of months. But we only did residence and commercial applications which is very different from the applications used in agriculture. Those tend to be much longer lasting.

    As others stated, bees and colonies thrive as well as die out easily and often so it’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause. There have been attempts at establishing pesticide free bee reserves but there are cases where the farmlands got wiped out by diseases prevented by herbicides and pesticides so chemicals are necessary to some degree. We should definitely keep aware of how these chemicals affect whatever they come into contact with though.

    With the current situation of farmlands and corporate overlords forcing them into using genetically identical seeds that can easily get wiped out by diseases or viruses, etc just straight banning and ceasing to use a certain chemical could be potentially disastrous and is perhaps why nothing has been done on the issue. Furthering compounding the issue is how far too many scientific studies aren’t repeated or studied further, like they should be.

    But it certainly isn’t as simple as agriculture pesticides kills bees so we should stop using it. Maybe we should stop using some of them and maybe we shouldn’t; but the fear tactics both sides typically use don’t really help anyway and just obscure the issue and make it hard to find out whats really going on.

  • Wow. It’s almost as if pesticides are poisonous chemicals designed to kill things.

  • And we’re deregulating pesticides…

  • Neonicontinoids are killing the bees. Ban all of those.

  • Not good. Lose the bees…not good.

  • And by extension, us.

  • “Insecticides harm bees”. Well I fucking never.

  • We can’t even stop our politicians from trying kill us to write a tax break for the assholes that make this shit.

  • Pesticides and insecticides kill Bees too?! I thought it only killed any other possible species in that kingdom

  • Lol commented the other day about this, and was downvoted to hell for saying it. I love how many stupid people exist on reddit

  • It’s amazing, this study finds that wantonly spraying insect killer everywhere ends up killing insects. I mean, who would have thought that could happen?

    There’s another study that found that if you burn like 500 billion tons of oil and hundreds of billions more tons of coal straight into the air we breathe, it eventually fucks up the atmosphere – who could have predicted that?

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