People often cite Breaking Bad as having one of the most suspenseful dinner scenes, but this one from Dexter will...

People often cite Breaking Bad as having one of the most suspenseful dinner scenes, but this one from Dexter will always be my favorite (S4 dexter spoilers)

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  • Is “most suspenseful dinner scenes” really a discussion that comes up often?

  • That’s my scene! Damn that’s cool to find on the front page of Reddit. A bit of a blast from the past at this point. I played the son of Lithgow. He really creeped people out from that season, but he’s actually one of the nicest guys I’ve met. I ended up running into him years later, assuming he wouldn’t remember me at this point, but he completely did AND said this dinner scene was one of the favorite scenes he’s ever filmed. That shocked me but was pretty awesome to hear.

  • Gonna just name drop Hannibal here.

  • Dexter would have been much better had Masuka been the one to catch Dexter. He was someone Dexter underestimated the entire show who had knowledge in areas Dexter did not. He was the perfect person to bring him in.

  • I would argue that the garage scene with Hank is one of the most suspenseful from BB, and widely surpasses this scene in raw suspense.

  • Incoming “I wish Dexter had ended with season 4”.

    But yeah, Lithgow nailed it as Trinity Killer and this scene was great. I still dislike him because of that role, can’t separate him from it (and maybe other roles in which he was a bad guy).

  • I forgot how good this show was. This is the problem when a show is this inconsistent. I actually thought season 7 was really good and it was going to end well. Then season 8 happened. I wanted to forget about the show after that.

  • The office with Michael and Jan having a full on domestic is by far the tensest

  • I dont even have to click on that link to know what you’re talking about, man Dexter was so fucking dope until it wasnt

  • Honestly, I think Dexter would have been a more interesting show if he was more villainous and less sympathetic, like the book

  • Seasons 1, 2, and 4 of Dexter were really something else. John Lithgow’s Trinity was one of, if not the biggest highlight of the entire series, and Season 4’s finale was something so shocking that the only thing on par with it was Episode 9 of Game of Thrones Season 1 for me.

  • You would think having an abusive narcissist as a husband for 15+ years, this woman would’ve remembered to say she’s “thankful” for her husband. Read the room lady, he asked you if there’s anything you else, heavily implying you forgot to mention him.

  • The scariest part of this scene is realizing just how much food these TV show characters are putting to waste.

  • I haven’t seen this since it aired and, dang, this did not age as well as I hoped. Lithgow is awesome, but the overall writing is pretty bad. The directing and editing is so plain and boring too. Everyone is a good actor here, but even at it’s peak I don’t think this show was really any good.

    Edit: I’ll break it down for some of yall

    For a scene that supposedly is super suspenseful, how many shots of the turkey carving are there? The most we get in focus is the carving *fork*. How do you miss a chance to up the tension by not emphasizing the knife here? We see Lithgow carving *off camera*. That knife should be like a loaded pistol and instead it’s a flaccid prop we never see.

    Every shot with people is a single framing. At almost no point are two people placed in the same frame except for the blurry foreground of the side of someone’s face. Every shot goes to whoever is talking and the foreground face is there for no particular function. They show the son with Dexter at one point. I don’t know they broke the single shot pattern for that. They show a wide shot of the table onec or twice, but it’s totally dead, there’s no energy to it. The staging when they leave the table is chaotic and the shots of people slightly off center make it difficult to place them in the room and establish spacing.

    [Breaking Bad]( rightfully gets more praise because even with the same shots, the person we focus on isn’t the one talking, it’s the one reacting. It’s flipped from Dexter. What they say isn’t as important as how the character’s minds process it. Whereas in Dexter the words are emphasized and then we are shown another shot of someone reacting to it. There’s a disconnect there, compared to the in-frame version of BB. That version makes the reaction happen in real time.

    Then in BB it cuts to a wider shot that shows physical distance between Skylar and Walter, at opposite ends of the table and at opposite ends in their relationship. The one closeup of Walter is of him with a clenched fist, highlighting his wedding ring. Skylar’s wine, and Walter’s ring, say more about that scene than the knife in Dexter, but it didn’t have to be that way. Wasted opportunity. Which should really be the subtitle of the show – “Dexter: Wasted Opportunity”

  • Dude I love dexter so much.

  • Red wedding episode of Game of Thrones surely is the most suspenseful dinner scene of all time

  • Dang, maybe I should start dexter.

  • The last scene of The Sopranos has to be the most suspenseful. Fucking David Chase.

  • That stock “breaking vase” sound made me laugh out loud

  • You are all wrong. This is easily the most suspenseful dinner scene in the history of television.

  • The drink/ dinner scene with the nazi officers and spies from inglorious basterds was tense as well

  • Season 4 was so good

  • Best season

  • [A man stands alone at the plate…](

  • If only they had the sense to quit after season 4. It would have been majestic

  • > People often cite Breaking Bad as having one of the most suspenseful dinner scenes, but this one from Dexter will always be my favorite (S4 dexter spoilers) – [03:45] (


  • Breaking Bad’s ‘suspenseful scene was just 3 people staring while eating.

  • Yeah this is actually my favorite scene from the entire show. S4 was the best season by far. John Lithgow was incredible as the Trinity Killer.

  • Oh god. The adult teenagers killed everything about anything when it came to Trinity. I thought this was the season that really killed Dexter although it’s everyones favorite.

    The entire season long tease that Deb was going to find out that Rudy was to Dexter as she woke up during the last moment when Dexter and Rudy got into a fight before his murder.

    After season 2, dexter went to typical television rather than original and riveting

  • The bit when dexter pins him on the floor with a knife in his hand turns me on so much i can’t tell you why

  • Hannibal had one of those almost every episode

  • This was a very suspenseful scene. Where was the suspenseful dinner scene in Breaking Bad? Not trying to be a smart ass or anything it’s been a while since I’ve seen the show and I can’t remember any suspenseful dinner scenes. I just remember a bunch of dinner and breakfast scenes in general.

  • S4 is the Pinnacle of dexter

  • I can never think of Thanksgiving the same way. This scene was sooo fucking intense.

  • Yo it’s all about that dinner scene from Signs

  • What’s “suspenseful” about this?

  • I just got a Sense8 vibe from finding this.

    I happen to be watching this exact episode of Dexter on Netflix rn, and the Thanksgiving scene just ended.

    Reddit, Netflix, and I just connected.

  • I didn’t realise “dinner scenes” were things?

  • I think this scene is the most suspenseful dinner scene.

  • Have to watch that show again, loved it, that, Californication and Weed.

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