• This is just what a Satanic cult would say…

    We’re onto you, Outback Devilhouse!

  • Those who believe that theory are such sheeple. Everyone knows that the pentagram is just a cover for their secret underground swastika shaped tunnel system which they’re using to resurrect Hitler.

  • Looking at Google maps, the Atlanta area has 10 outback steak houses, why did they only pick 5 to report on? And, for the cities which only happen to have 5, is it any surprise that that they would be spread out, away from each other, where you could easily connect the dots to make the shape you want?

  • Really jealous of that guy who told them to give him a gift certificate and they did. Not that I have any desire to eat at Outback, I just like how that played out.

  • They that protest the most…are definitely pliable minions for Beelzebub.

  • Wait, Outback is Satanic? BRB, gotta get my Bloomin’ Onion on!

  • OMG – if you draw the lines this way from the points at The Pentagon we can deduce that Satan himself works in the Pentagon!!!

  • Now, everyone, we all know that most Satanists don’t actually believe in Satan. I’m sure Outback Steakhouse just thinks the Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost has some good ideas about morality and our relationship to the divine.

  • They sure as fuck don’t serve decent food anymore!

  • Most of those appear to be pentacles not pentagrams, not to mention they’re not even so they’re not technically either.

    Conspiracy theorists show their inability to discern fact from fiction yet again.

  • God *damn* it. Tell a bunch of humans to keep a low fucking profile and they give me **this** shit? I thought their food was sinful but this . . . this is pitiful

  • The pentagram is not close to evenly distributed any way. This fact only makes the theory look worse. To me the one in the image more closely resembles a bird than a pentagram.

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