Our dairy veterinarian staying positive despite the situation

Our dairy veterinarian staying positive despite the situation

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  • That shit-eating grin

  • He’s probably been covered in rotten placenta from stillbirths more than a few times. This is practically perfume for him.

  • Proof that a good smile will improve any shituation.

  • Your dairy vet looks like Mel Gibson.

  • “How was work today?”

    “I got totally shitfaced, it was great!”

  • the shituation

  • He’s seen some shit.

  • My job just looked better

  • At what point do you consider a nitrile glove like that one useless? I mean I get that having it on is better than not, but he has poop.on.his.face. The glove obviously didn’t help!

  • Ah yes, the same thing in Texas cattle country. And dad telling me not to bitch that was the smell and feel of money.

  • Looks like a motivational poster:
    “When life gives you shit just keep smiling”

  • A shit cyborg

  • That job seems pretty shitty

  • Edward Shitterhands

  • New DC character confirmed. Deadshit.

  • He has to own a “SHIT HAPPENS” shirt.

  • that’s not a job where i would want to have facial hair.

  • “Now see, there’s your problem right here. You keep getting shit in your milk”

  • Holy shit….

  • “I’m Mike Rowe, and this is my job”

  • “It looks like we’re in a shitty situation.”

  • That’s a shit eating grin

  • I don’t always get shit all over my body, but when i do, i prefer a smile.

  • I think he has pink eye

  • Staying positive despite the bad shituation.

  • I get it. You do what you have to to make money, and as a vet, he probably loves his job.

    But smiling? As a risk taker, the guys has a massive set of balls.

  • Awww hell no.

  • He looks badass, not sure if it’s the feces or the headgear.

  • What kind of money does this guy make?

  • He’ll probably just wash off in the lanced boil on the next cow

  • Is his name fan?

  • We really, really did not need to see this.

  • How is this “NSFW” if the dude is literally armpit-deep in his work?

  • Mel Gibson is a dairy veterinarian?

  • He doesn’t actually have a beard…

  • /r/vegan stahp

  • Solid snake…is that you?

  • That was the same smile I made when someone found out my fetish too.

  • So… whats up with the headgear? He looks lie a friendly Terminator.

  • A visual representation of the phrase “shit happens”.

  • The shituation.

  • He’s definitely seen some shit in his career.

  • Employment as been hard for Snake after Kojima left but he’s trying to make the best of his situation.

  • Why would you have a beard with that job? I’d be wipe clean as fuck.

  • Grinning like that suppresses your gag reflex.

  • Poop

  • $100 says he got pink eye.

  • Ah, going arm deep I see.

  • The cows will do that on purpose. They don’t like being messed with and some will mess with you.

  • That shit is over 9000 !

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