Orca enjoying the chase of a boat 🔥

Orca enjoying the chase of a boat 🔥

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  • That looks so effortless for the Orca, the fact that you can’t even see the tail kinda gives it a spooky feel

  • What’s important to remember is that while this animal could very easily kill you, it’d much rather play with you.

    What’s also important to remember when playing with an Orca is that they commonly play with their food before killing/eating it.

  • This is honestly kind of horrifying.

  • Such awesome and graceful creatures. You can’t even see its legs moving. So beautiful.

  • He’s like I’m gonna eat you hehe

  • Apex predator zeroing in on you

  • This reminds me of [this footage taken from the REMUS “SharkCam”](https://youtu.be/faZw3IFJOXs?t=68), which shows how a shark stalks and then attacks its prey.

    Warning: The video I linked isn’t cute like OP’s video. It’s kinda terrifying. If the link doesn’t send you to he right time, skip to 1:10 for the good stuff.

  • orcas are fuckin lit!

  • “You forgot your phone!”

  • This is pure nightmare material.

  • [Must go faster. Must go faster.](https://media.giphy.com/media/7XsFGzfP6WmC4/200.gif)

  • And then it eats the propeller and dies

  • 🔥🔥 Damn that’s lit! 🔥

  • Really happy about the recent orca posts on here!

  • Probably the last thing quite a few sea creatures saw before their demise

  • If the orca can do this effortlessly with such minimal movements (only the tail) I think we are doing the whole water traveling thing all wrong. Why don’t we have engines that look like tails of fish? It seems so much more efficient than a propeller.

  • The ocean is scary, because the lions can fly

  • “Holy crap it teleported at the end!”

  • Never realized how fast they are.

  • I hear jaws music playing very loudly in my head

  • I looooooove orcas

  • Almost looks fake lol

  • Super creepy! Orca creeper is next level creep.

  • Now that is one hell of an animal

  • Was expecting rolling, flipping and loop -d – loops.


  • I thought this gif was pretty cool until Orca fucking teleported.

    I was scared for a second, who fucking gave those sea predator blink ability? what has science done?

  • i wonder if this is the whale equivalent of a human taking a shower

  • “Bitch, I’m coming.”

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