Orbital Rings

Orbital Rings

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  • One of the best videos from Isaac Arthur yet.
    Definitely worth a watch.

  • These seem amazingly efficient as a way to get to space. Note that he also covers smaller structures that could bootstrap much more cheaply than trying to launch the whole structure by rocket, in previous videos. Also as he notes, once you have the first minimal structure up you can use it to put up many more rings (or to increase the initial one’s mass to make it safer and higher capacity).

    Summarizing quote from near the end:

    > This system doesn’t just get you into space cheap, it gets your whole civilization up there cheap and lets you truly engage in bulk trade and transport, and that’s always been the real goal, not to get a few astronauts to Mars, but to make it so cheap and easy that going to the Moon is like flying to another country and going to another planet takes as much time and money as an ocean cruise.

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