• That was an awesome episode

  • Toby’s such an awesome actor, he would make a great doctor himself

  • This episode is filled with double meanings etc. It’s really beautifully crafted. I can’t do it justice but it worth looking at the discussion threads on places like /r/gallifrey.

    Things I can remember off the top of my head:

    * Being attacked by old people reflects Amy’s fear of growing old.
    * The tardis getting colder reflecting her fear of their relationships drifting apart.
    * The dream itself is a double meaning. It’s not “Which world is a dream?” but rather “Which dream world do you want to be real?”
    * Foreshadowing of what’s going to happen to a certain companion…many many times lol

    One of my favourite episodes of all time.

  • Did this guy ever show up again? Or was it one of those interesting plot ideas brushed aside so we could have yet another episode set in Victorian England?

  • Dobby, here’s a sock, leave the Doctor alone. That, or go and upload yourself to a computer and wait for Captain America.

  • he always typecast in these kind of roles because of how he looks

  • On of my all-time favs. Toby Jones is awesome.

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