• It’s good for all occasions! Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, you really can’t lose.

  • Broccoli face is a serious disease. Please see your doctor.

  • /r/knitting would probably appreciate a closeup of the yoke pattern. The top and bottom borders are particularly, um, well done.

    There are folks on that sub that can easily re-create this from a pic, and we looove to geek out on esoteric stuff like this.

  • You have something in your teeth….

  • I have a white one from when my mom worked for the Denver Playboy Club in the 70s

  • I’d very thoroughly wash it before I wear

  • Soak it in a little bit of oxyclean and water and I bet the white parts will really pop again. Nice find!

  • i so so so so want this

  • You should recreate that cover.

  • Plot Twist she is standing on Hugh Hefner’s bed

  • Awesome sweater, though not exactly the same as the one on the magazine. Note the martini glasses.

  • i NEED this

  • Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my broccoli face🎤

  • Amazing sweater!

  • Your face makes me hungry

  • Broccoli face. I
    Love it

  • Forget the sweater, nice broccoli face!

  • I feel like there’s a beautiful woman hiding behind this brocoli.

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