• If it wasn’t for double standards, Cosmo would have zero standards at all

  • So I looked into this to see what Cosmo had to say about this, because apparently they got quite a bit of criticism over it.

    Instead of saying something like “objectification isn’t cool by anyone, we probably shouldn’t have done this”, they responded with an article called “Why it’s Ok to Objectify Men’s Bulges”.

    It basically said that women have been objectified forever by men, so it’s “only fair” to return the favor. Stay classy Cosmo.

  • Right? They put forty trophies instead of 36.

  • Until you realize they do this intentionally to make people look at their content. Upset and pissed off people looking at your article is still people looking at your article.

    I’d imagine some people seeing this post would even go and search out the article to post an angry comment. That ad $$$.

  • I mean, its Cosmo. I think you could literally find any page on the entirety of their website and find a facepalm-worthy moment.

    EDIT: Someone pointed out that I am saying this as a non-Cosmo reader. This is correct, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. I only know what I see pop up on social media and the outrageous sex tips they give out. I can’t actually speak for like, 95% of what Cosmo publishes and I only ever get the extreme stuff that gets posted on social media.

  • in my opinion, it’s okay to think “damn he has a nice buldge in that speedo” or “damn her tits are out of this world” but I don’t think it’s okay to comment on it, especially in public, if that’s not what they were trying to do.
    if someone is enjoying their time at the pool, they aren’t trying to show off their body. they’re trying to cool off. don’t comment on anything like that.
    if you’re at a strip club and the whole point is to show off and appreciate the stripper’s bodies, then it is perfectly fine to do it.

  • Recently saw a article here in Australia on how objectifying men is empowering to both men and women while objectification of women was still oppression. Funny the logical hoops people jump through just to justify something we all do. Humans get turned on by other humans, it’s not oppression it’s just the way we are.

  • They’re good bulges, Brent.

  • Wasn’t this on r/shitcosmosays?

  • wtf

  • Cosmo sucks but I’m assuming it’s different writers with different opinions.

  • i thought we were all in agreement that cosmo is trash?

  • Makin’ up for lost time. …I am guessing. That and they are garbage media.

  • Just imagine the outrage if a magazine posted an article about women’s camel toes. People would lose their shit!

  • Tbh this is pretty low hanging fruit. Cosmo is always face-palm worthy

  • Yea but those guys were asking for it because of how they were dressed right?

  • Why tf is anyone reading Cosmo anymore..? Like, at all?
    Playboy has better & (significantly) more significant shit to say.
    Just sayin.

  • Why are their trunks so low?

  • That magazine is just like The Daily Mail and most other tabloids. Complete bullshit.

  • Hypocrisy is strong with this one.

  • It’s ok, no men are self conscious about their penis who could lose self confidence over this, it’s totally different. /s

  • To me the whole concept isn’t about objectifying, I think we all do it to some level. The issue is far more men than women are exceedingly gross and obvious about it. I’ve seen some women be that way too, but it doesn’t even come close to the daily repetition many women face.

    As a guy who has only had to occasionally deal with that sort of thing, I can say it sucks and doesn’t feel great.

    Cosmopolitan is stupid, big shock.

  • I wouldn’t describe any of those as gold worthy. Maybe bronze

  • But on reddit we never objective women no sir, especially not this sub /s

  • there’s nothing wrong with objectifying women OR men imo. you can objectify someone while still respecting their humanity.

  • meh, call me when they start using bulges to sell cars and Michael bay films.

  • Women hate eachother more than they hate men.

  • Someone really scrolled through 2 years of tweets to find this

    Dude either really hates feminism, or really likes cosmo

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