Oh, Bevis

Oh, Bevis

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  • That was the most descriptive sex has ever been… They should show this in high schools.

  • Monty Python of course. Sadly, Terry Jones (the man here) has been diagnosed in 2015 with dementia 🙁

  • thats one hell of innuendo

  • Lost it at milking the cow

  • I lost my boner at Nixon

  • Here lies Bevis.

    He never scored.

  • I grew up with the entire Monty Python’s flying circus DVD set. It was really shocking to me when none of my friends understood my humor which was largely influenced by this show. Whenever I do meet somebody in person who is a fanatic as I was, it really warms me to my core. These guys were absolute geniuses, and definitely partially responsible for how my brain thinks in fucked up ways, Terry Jones, but maybe Terry Gilliam in particular with his trippy ass animations….

  • Expected a different Beavis…

  • [What do you think mom and dad are doing right now?] (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IWg3wiktKjE)

  • Am I going insane or is there a scene almost exactly like this in one of the Naked Gun films?

  • I like that it loops on, “Just one more”. 🙂

  • Wondered why nixon was there. Then I thought… slippery Dick was his nickname.

  • r/highqualitygifs

    We’ll always remember the laughs you gave us mate, even if you lose your memory we’ll never forget you

  • Carol Cleveland awoke a lot in pre-teen DarkFlounder. Notably, a thing for stacked redheads and men dressed as old ladies.

  • Ohhh Bevis! And I thought you were so RUGGED!

  • “But it’s my only line!”

  • Just setting the tone.

  • What Monty python is this from?

  • Reminds me of the [love scene](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kobvCMSFDXU) in Naked Gun 2 1/2

  • Methinks there’s some symbolism to be found here.

  • Damn Bevis why you have to ruin everything

  • This is what the sexually unaware nice guy thinks Netflix and chill is.

  • Goddam, I thought this was from The Ring; 7 days after watching this video you get an erection.

  • It’s this how you get gregnat?


    I noticed you put the beginning of the gif as he plays one last film

  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus is seriously the best comedy show ever.

  • Definitely one of my favourite Monty Python sketches.

  • It’s not pronounced like Beavis, but like the first syllable in beverage. #killjoy

  • how do you pronunce his name, Beh-vis? that’s a weird name

  • That twist at the end.

  • i lost it when nixon appears just look athis nose hahaha

  • Always heard about Monty Python. This clip has now made me binge watch it tonight.

  • If this joke was made today, I would think it was brilliant and the first of its kind. This is probably 40 years ago. “New” jokes really are a rare thing.

  • Carol Cleveland was smokin’ hot.

  • I like how in the last frame it shows him playing a video of of them at the beginning of the video about to get it on.

  • I still adore Monty Python. There are so many small skits that were priceless.

  • Perfect loop confirmed

  • Looping skillz on point.

  • Nice, reminds me of that same scene in Married with Children. Now I know what inspired it.

  • Beavis

  • I initialy thought it was a clip from the 90’s show “Dream on”…

  • Why do I feel like I just watched the [Fairbell tape]


  • pathetic

  • OMG the cow milking got to me.

  • Is that a god damn?

  • “Oh Bevis! I thought you we so rugged!”

  • R/hourlonggifs

  • So Richard Nixon because Richard=dick. Neat.

  • Cum to butthead

  • lol . I’d SMACK HER THOUGH

  • Damn you people. I was committed to having a shit day and then I see this and I can’t stop laughing.

  • Did you just score dude

  • poor lady

  • That did not look gentle Bevis

  • Hah! When I started watching this, I was like they should end it with him sitting there watching stock footage on television.

  • Great stuff, really wanted to be filmed.

  • Ahh I remember the good ol’ days of television, where full penetration wasn’t allowed to be shown.

  • /u/dimasarj123 see it KKKKKKKKKKKK

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