[OC][CC] Mystical Mushroom Terrarium

[OC][CC] Mystical Mushroom Terrarium

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  • Really cool. I wonder though, can you try some fog in the lower half of the terrarium? I feel like it would look good!

  • Psiloxel art.

  • Just fantastic

  • This is giving me some nostalgia for Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate

  • Wow this is one of my favourite things i’ve seen on this sub

  • I love this. Thanks for sharing it!

  • This looks really good!

  • Love the colours! It looks so organic.

  • Mushroom

  • So when is your game coming out ?

  • Looks amazing but when it starts dropping spores RIP.

  • Wow! Just looking at it inspires you to come up with some narrative for it. Like, how did it get in that bubble? What happens if you eat it? What does it feel/taste like? I have a vague idea for all of these questions. Excellent form, texture, and shape. Very well done!

    Only minor technical critique I might make is to avoid stray pixels/colors (like when there’s one pixel of a certain color not directly adjacent to any other pixel of that color).

  • I was unaware these were pixels when looking at the thumbnail. Well done, it’s wonderful!

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