NVIDIA announces Codota, an AI that helps you write code powered by machine learning [Video]

NVIDIA announces Codota, an AI that helps you write code powered by machine learning [Video]

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  • It helps you, and it learns how to replace you at the same time.

  • So won’t it also implement the most common mistakes?

  • But is it going to be using tabs or spaces?

    That’s the million dollar question

  • I’m gonna try this at work tomorrow, but if it’s anything like auto complete I’m going to get annoyed by it real fast

  • This is like one of those things you’d see about “the internet” in 1995..

    AI is just in its infancy..

  • Ever since West world, I always imagined that some day we would be able to create entire programs by just saying what we want, in regular speak.

  • To preface, I’m a senior software engineer at a large Fortune 500 company and I’ve been coding nearly all my life.

    From the video this looks like nothing more than stackoverflow and other code question services (with github) tied into one place. I’m really reserved about even calling it “AI”. I don’t understand the rest of the comments in this thread at all about automation or jobs going to be taken. That’s ridiculous.

    Let’s say I am switching to C# for a program and need to make a GET request to a URL. Maybe I was just doing Java on my last project and don’t remember the C# specific code to do that. My first step is always to Google the question and then find a relevant Stack Overflow and use that as reference. That’s all that this new thing seems to be doing and then inserting the accepted answer.

    What I DONT get are all the comments attached to the stackoverflow page, many of which point out bugs in the accepted answer and offer solutions and fixes. I also don’t get a more generic answer that I can use my knowledge to custom fit for my specific use case. This tool doesn’t seem useful at all to me because I lose the social part and am set up for bugs and a lower understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the code I’m implementing.

    This is not going to take any jobs. I wouldn’t even bother using it in my workflow and wouldn’t recommend it for any programmer. Inexperienced coders shouldn’t rely on a gimmick and experienced ones will scoff at this.

    At best this tool is going to attempt to implement already implemented methods for you, and while that’s a noble prospect, developing commercial software is never that simple.

  • Making open source a default state

  • Link to the website to try it yourself https://www.codota.com/

  • It still lacks the understanding necessary to really create a design from scratch, with an end-result that the client will like. When they say “I want it more snappy”, I wonder if it will know what to do.

    But realistically, if there’s an AI for system architecture, leaving the design to UX guys, it could completely stitch together parts of code until the whole system works. Another module could analyze new patterns, languages, better ways of doing lego-blocks-parts, and they can continue to improve the architecture design.

    So yhea, it lacks high-level general intelligence to know where it’s going, but if someone uses that and sticks it in a neural net with a feedback loop that involves end users, project owners, DB admins, etc, and tries to optimizes the outcome that will satisfy the most people, I’m very sure it can learn to stitch code together to replace me.

    I’m a web programmer, and it would be useful to use, but if it knew what is my end goal, just by watching me code, it could spell the end of my work. Time to find another field. Maybe pure UI design?

  • Pretty soon code will just code itself.

  • Seems like the opposite of what most people mean when they say you should “increase code reuse”…

  • Welcome again to the filter bubble… this time it is for your code

  • A software able to write code is the closest thing to skynet we can get

  • One day we will just put in the idea and it will give us finished code xD

  • Every other profession is looking for job security, we are the only ones trying to replace ourselves.

  • Bring irrelevant code of incompetent people closer to production ♪

  • ai is coming after everybody.

  • this is ambitious.

  • and that’s how I lose my job..

  • Is this just the resurrected empty promise of CASE tools from a few decades ago?

  • soooo will this also take care of licensing restrictions on the code it copies? or is this just a huge lawsuit waiting to happen? 😛

  • So basically the stuff we outsource to India will be automated? As an applied math major this doesn’t really threaten me too much. Machine learning is basically probability theory and Fourier analysis. We’re reaching the point where that “useless math” everyone hates is incredibly relevant.

  • Is this like ReSharper for Visual Studio or something?

  • They’ve got bing code plugin or something like that for visual studio already. I don’t use it though…

  • Here it is. The AI that will replace 90% of coders. I’m surprised it hasn’t come sooner.

  • Well, it’s been good ride, time to switch to plumbing!

  • *Begins writing AI with the help of AI, designed to write AI with the help of previous AI*

  • Interesting. I wonder what it will make of a code that runs through every possible combination and activate those combinations to see if they work.

  • This looks way too similar to this [Kite](https://kite.com/) thing I tried using a few months ago. Still like my regular autocomplete and docs more.

  • And this is how it will take my job as a software developer…. it’s going to learn the way we code to eventually just do it for us… I for one welcome our new ai overlords.

  • There goes all the programming jobs.

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