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  • Aii, hear me out. This is going to be controversial as fuck coming from a petty nigga like me but I don’t really think Rachel Dolkshdfs is as terrible as motherfuckers made her out to be. She’s a liar that much is clear, but I’ll take an incognegro white woman who tries to help black folk before I take motherfuckers like Stasi Daesh.

    **EDIT:** I was wrong. Reichel Dunlopshop is worse than I thought.

  • I think it’s kinda shitty to compare Beyoncé to Maya Angelou.

  • Who’s that between Michelle and Serena and the one beneath Michelle?

  • But she IDENTIFIES as black. Isn’t that all that really matters? /s

  • #RaceIsASpectrum


  • R-Diggity is blacker than anyone in this sub.

  • Someone else besides Beyoncé. Or put not you on her.

  • [removed]

  • Duck Duck Goose!

  • Who’s bottom middle?

  • I want to see the version with Shaun King.

  • *One of these things is not like the others*

  • I identified 4. I think I am not too familiar with black history.

  • Whenever I see threads about this crazy bitch I like to remind people that *after* being exposed that she legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo

  • I find it curious that in an era when people are allowed to “identify” however they wish, this is not acceptable. You can identify as pretty much anything when it comes to gender and sexuality. But attempting to identify as black when you’re not is a bridge too far.

    I mean, I think she’s nuts, too. But I still find it curious.

  • r/outoftheloop who is she?

  • I legit just choked on my coffee hahaha

  • [deleted]

  • Can anyone eli5 me on why mixed people are regard as black instead of white, or both?

  • I read “not you” as “not”, and thought this image was conveying a wayyyy different message

  • i read it as “thank you all for not being powerful black women” and i was very confused

  • r/outoftheloop

  • /r/crappydesign?

  • Punchline in the title, goddammit.

  • I think it’s a little offensive to include Aunt Jemimah in the corner there.

  • This. This, all day.

    RIP to all this trans-racial shit.

  • How did this meme start?

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