Not looking when changing lanes

Not looking when changing lanes

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  • I’m impressed he stayed on the bike…

  • “you mind if I just squeeze in her-” “no? Ok…”


  • If only there was a way for cars to indicate their intention to turn before actually doing so.

  • I remember learning in driver’s ed that sometimes even though the driver can literally see a motorcyclist in the mirror, they will still pass it off as clear to go because the brain is looking for another car and not a motorcycle.

  • This is why many people are afraid to ride a bike. Because many people fucking suck at driving! Not really much of a problem here though tbh.

  • When the link is broken and dozens of comments are talking about mirrors… like actual mirrors on the car.


  • Was anyone else immediately on edge just looking at how close the motorcycle was following the car in front of him? 1 hard brake from the person ahead and they’re fucked

  • You’ll want to back off a vehicle you cannot see around, like that truck. Just a suggestion from 40+ yrs of riding. Likely that white car had you in its blind spot or couldn’t see you at all, despite not checking.

    Don’t ever ride like you have a right to any part of the road. Versus a car, a rider almost always loses.

  • Ha, more like driver didn’t want to brake for a truck turning right. Even in a car I anticipate idiots changing lanes so they don’t have to slow down. Still totally the cars fault no matter if the motorcycle was in the blind spot.

  • Was the gif removed? I get redirected to

  • Link is down

  • I’ve had similar happen. That guy actually “crashed” into that car, when you see his handlebar turn full into the car for a split second.

    I had the exact same thing happen as I was turning right into my neighborhood – except this lady wanted to pass me on the right shoulder – the direction I was turning.

    I rode away with nothing but a scuffed bar end and some white camry paint on my tire and fender. Her insurance compensated about $600 for it. Funny enough she was an insurance agent.

  • Link is dead.

  • Where’s the bot that provide working mirror for mobile users?

  • Fucking imgur

  • This biker didn’t provide enough distance between the car infront on him. Also this is why you stagger the lanes. Never drive right next to any vehicle in the next lane for this exact reason.

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  • [deleted]

  • So was just his bike hit or would his leg have been pinned between the vehicles? Very impressive he stayed up.

  • Why does he keep driving?

  • damn, he was lucky as fuck.

  • r/idiotsincars

  • Goddamnit, wear gloves when riding. When you fall, you fall on your hands. You know what else you need your hands for? Everything else.

  • Mirror?

  • Remember, people:
    You really [shouldn’t be able to see your own vehicle in your mirrors](
    My fiance’s mom always says “well I need to know where I am in relation to other-”
    NO. You don’t need to know where they are in relation to your vehicle. They are beside you. They are one car-width next to you. Use your brain. This shit matters.

  • I used to be a rider and situational awareness a.k.a. defensive driving is important for the rider, more so than for the car driver. I say that simply because the amount of damage the rider suffers is an order of magnitude greater than what the car driver suffers.

    Is it just me or maybe the camera gives me a bad angle but doesn’t it look like the rider was hidden from the white car up until the accident? First, he’s tailgating the van on the left side of the lane. Then, just as the white car comes fully into the frame, the rider moves to the right side of the lane. it looks like the driver would have never seen the bike.

  • I was really hoping the “yes” part was the offending party getting punched in the dome.

  • These are the reasons I’m terrified of riding a bike on public roads. I could be wearing a Neon bomb vest but I’m still at the mercy of 2 ton trucks and SUVs who never indicate.

  • I’m annoyed by how long the gif is when it’s only the last 5 seconds that matters.

  • Think once, think twice think bike.

  • Anyone have a link to a mirror? This isn’t working.

  • They’re all following too close for the speed.

    Protip: stay back from the packs of cars that follow too close to each other, then when shit like this happens ahead of you, you get to slow down, and drive around.

  • Car was in the wrong for not signaling and changing lanes quickly to not lose momentum to get around the truck who was turning. But I bet the car did check to see if the lane was clear and the bike was in his blind spot, bikes are small and easy to miss on a quick check. While everyone should be more careful when on the road bike riders should be extra careful and take preemptive measures so they avoid terrible drivers, like not driving in a cars blind spot and noticing situations like someone up ahead turning that might cause someone to quickly change lanes.

  • I’ve had people do this, switch lanes right in front of me because they can’t be bothered to slow down for the turning vehicle. Every single damn time I have leaned on my horn, and every single time they fucking rocket away like death is coming for them.



  • See, this is why there’s no way in fuck I’d ride a motorcycle. People are so fucking dumb that you need thousands of pounds of steel between their stupidity and your body.

  • why is he staying so close to the car infront the whole time? this obviously wasn’t his fault, but he is waaay too close

  • I like your banana, OP

    Edit: meant name haha

  • This is a motorcyclist that obviously didn’t learn ‘push left – go left’.

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