New Zealand wins the 35th America’s Cup 7-1 over USA

New Zealand wins the 35th America’s Cup 7-1 over USA

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  • Can’t tell ya how much this means to us Kiwis after what happened in San Francisco. 5.30am here, wide awake and very happy 🙂

  • Was still expecting the Oracle comeback right until we crossed the line

  • Makes all the 5am alarms worth it

  • I’m so happy with the result. Oracle had a solid start, but that was a very short advantage. Didn’t look close for the rest of the race.

    I’ve already seen a few of my fellow NZers pulling the old “We were never going to lose!” even though only yesterday they were too nervous to call it.

  • But what is New Zealand’s answer to Steely Dan?

  • Any boss who fires an employee for not showing up today is a bum!

  • Pfft New Zealand has been winning the America’s Cup since 1995, theres always kiwis on the winning side.

  • What happened to the US sailing team they use to be good ?

  • Geez, could they get more sponsorship? Team NZ sponsored by Emirates Airways beats Team USA sponsored by Oracle to win the Americas Cup sponsored by Louis Vuitton. No, I guess not

  • oh no! we’ve been Brazil’d!

  • [deleted]

  • That’s because America’s best athletes are playing NFL and basketball. Can you imagine Shaq sailing a boat? He would DOMINATE!

  • Booo! Booo! I didn’t know this existed but now I’m mad we lost!!!

  • What sport?

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