New Doctor Who companions REVEALED!

New Doctor Who companions REVEALED!

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  • I hope they focus on the adventure and leave romance out of it. One of the best pairings ever was Tennant and Tate partially because of this.

  • Coming soon –
    Bradley Walsh action figure.

  • A fully-fledged TARDIS team again can’t be knocked!

    Disappointing that they’re cutting the episode count (again!) but slightly longer episodes are a plus!

    A full year till the series though 🙁

  • i remember really digging Amy and Rory’s presence as it made the TARDIS feel like it had more of a “crew”. you had more dynamics to work with. Same with Bill and Nardole on last season.

    speaking of last season, oh good god how fucking great were those [last two episodes?](

    ahem- anyway..

    an ensemble cast like OP’s post suggests could be very interesting.

    edit: [bradley walsh is a national treasure](

  • Awesome! Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor and three full time companions, including Bradley Walsh!

    I can’t wait to see where this show goes next.

  • I think it’s pretty interesting how they just dropped this out of nowhere. No announcement leading up to it at all.

  • Bradley Walsh? Like . . . ‘The Chase’ Bradley Walsh? Hope they give the Chasers a cameo

  • I hope this doesn’t cut into Walsh’s time on The Chase.

    That show would be a shadow without him.

  • I’m excited by the younger companions – though I don’t watch Hollyoaks…

    but Bradley Walsh


    It’s so bizarre but I guess I should reserve judgement. I find him pretty irritating. I can imagine him as comic relief.

    I was hoping for the Doctor and one male companion – just because it would’ve been a cool change. Male companions in New Who often end up being just a boyfriend that gets left behind though Rory broke out of that.

    Also I would like a companion from a different time period or planet. I get that they’re often the audience surrogate but I’m bored by 21st Century (mostly) London-based companions.

    I am intrigued by the ‘team’ situation though. I feel like we haven’t really had that in New Who besides the ep S4 ep with Captain Jack/Donna/Rose etc

  • I think I’d prefer it with just one companion to see how the dynamic changes with the genders flipped but I’ll reserve judgment until I see a trailer.

  • With several companions it’s good that it’s bigger on the inside.

  • Ugh, already knew about Walsh and I really wish they’d just stuck with him. Three seems crowded. Even two at times with other Doctors felt a bit much.

    Maybe they’re just trying to grab some of the old magic from the classic series having a full Tardis sometimes, but the show is very different now and I don’t feel it will work

  • The Chase sting should play every time Walsh appears on screen.

  • Love Bradley Walsh, never heard of but not against the other 2 I’m just wary of it being a bit too busy if they’re all full time at least at the start. Even when they had 3 before River song left a lot so it hardly even counted

  • It’s taken us until 2017 to have a female Doctor. And still there’s some opposition to the idea.

    I think it must be pretty hard to be an irl female doctor with those attitudes still around.

  • these could have been the companions for capaldis final series if he worked with chibnall.

  • Oh good there’s a man he’ll be useful if the Tardis gets a flat tire.

  • Still wondering how many people will watch this. Doctor Who had an uptick in popularity from Tumblr fangirls who were obsessed with people like David Tennant and Matt Smith. They started dropping out when we got an old Doctor again and I think they’ll evacuate further for a female Doctor.

  • Dr. Who is just so BBC-a-fied ugh…

  • *JK we’re bringing back David Tennant.*
    <= my hope every time I see DW news

  • Wtf.. Well I won’t be watching Dr. Who is about a man not a woman. Sorry Ladies and Gents no amount everyone is equal and anything can be anything will get my views – may the ratings drop along with the new Star Trek cast.

  • still not going to watch it until they recast it as a man

  • I’ve been wanting another TARDIS crew with three companions for the longest time.

    Hopefully this black guy isn’t around just to make the Doctor look better in front of his love interest, this time.

    EDIT: Quote the lie.

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