Never in a million years…

Never in a million years…

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  • Was about to click off. And then she ate the truck.

  • What.


  • Whats the big deal

  • This post is perfect. Usually if you know that your in unexpected you can predict what’s about to happen:

    This was truly unexpected.

  • Gotta love how the truck hit the camera in the beginning.

  • My face was definitely like a monkey seeing a magic trick. This is mind blowing.

  • Thought it was gonna dump its load on the car oops

  • That is sorcery.

  • Pandora Cake Shop in HK, they do a lot of cool stuff, this is probably my favorite though. Their [Instagram](

  • This is proper /r/Unexpected material; too much stuff on this sub now is just text posts with a bit of a twist.

    A remote control truck that makes noises but turns out to be a cake is pretty much unexpectable.

    10/10 post for this sub.

  • She wants her truck and to eat it too.

  • I thought the unexpected part here was going to be the Mercedes truck using blinkers.

  • /u/vredditmirrorbot

  • Damn this is why I’m subbed here.

  • /r/FondantHate

  • Those pieces are too small for my appetite!

  • Sweet ride

  • Here son, he’s a toy truck for your birthday! It’s also your birthday cake!

    “Where’s my truck?”

    “We just ate it all! Happy birthday!”

  • 10/10 on the unexpected scale.

  • The lie was….. a cake???

  • That’s not how you use a serrated knife

  • Excuse me?

  • Whaaaat, no, don’t cut it!

  • I liked it cause the truck was a cake

  • Has science gone too far?

  • NO. WAY.

  • I learned as a child not to eat my toys. Now I’m so confused.

  • I **knew** I was in /r/Unexpected the whole time, and yet I was still bamboozled.

  • I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. I don’t mean to brag (but I’ll power through it) but as soon as I saw the truck, I thought “that’s a cake, right?”. Apparently this is the one time I expected the unexpected.

  • All these comments and not a single link to the original source

  • Man – she’s sexy as fuck.

  • Is anyone else slightly peved with how she cut the cake

  • Now make it dump.

  • I like to think this was a warning video to Buddy Valastro.

  • I’m to high for this fucking shit.

  • I was going to downvote… Then she ate it.

  • Damn, this was really unexpected. Wow.

  • Tom Petty has taught me that almost anything can be a cake. I was prepared for this.

  • My life is a lie

  • NANI!?

  • OK, so it’s an R/C dump truck. What about it? What’s so “unexpected” about…


    Did they just put a knife in it?

    It’s a cake???

    Alright, ya got me.

  • “Oh yea i’ve seen this before, it turns into a transformer robot or something… wait wtf”

  • The cake is a lie?

  • Is the red car a cake too?

  • “This truck takes the cake.”

  • The truck is a lie.

  • Watched it more than once because of the beautiful girl in the video

  • Because I’m such a badass I could tell it was brown sugar in the back, but uh… not the rest.

    Edit: ugh, I was still wrong. Turns out it’s not brown sugar. You win OP. You win

  • That fondant would taste disgusting

  • Great, she ate the truck. U monster!!

  • I saw the cake shop sticker and still didn’t expect that.

  • “We make some dope ass cakes. Free delivery, always.”

  • This is some r/blackmagicfuckery level shit

  • *Mmmmh… fondant*


  • No one else thought the truck looked like fondant when they first saw it?

  • The cake is a lie.


  • I feel like if someone asked me to guess what this was and I started randomly guessing things, I’d probably guess cake within 10 minutes. Not because I’d believe it’s a cake, but after they’ve said no to like everything else, I’d throw out cake as a random guess.

    Definitely not a million years.

  • Well shit

  • Oh man I thought it would turn into a transformer.

  • Those grains look dry as fuck.

    Here’s an idea let’s make a cake and put lots of sawdust on it then eat it.

  • Not in a million reposts……..

  • Well. That was legitimately unexpected

  • I thought she was eating sand.

  • … I’m speechless

  • I would have been very impressed if the controller was made out of cake too

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