Neighbors doggo barks until you come say hi

Neighbors doggo barks until you come say hi

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  • His tongue looks a lot like a handlebar mustache.

  • Reminds me of the dog that would purposely drop balls over the fence so people would throw it back. Can’t find the video right now though

  • Well aren’t you glad you went to say hi? He looks like a good boy.

  • Rotweilers are the cutest dog in my opinion. My life goal is to have an apartment and a Rotweiler then I’m set.

  • Does your wrist itch after coming in contact with the Urushiol carrying mass growing on the fence?

  • I was a guest at a house recently where they had 2 ferocious looking dogs. Well one was an adult and the other was a pup. Both males. Dunno which breed they were. Both used to run towards anyone in sight and then proceed to lick the person’s feet and put their forepaws on their waist. I got shit scared the first time they ran towards me. But it was the best fun I had, ever.

  • and since you came and rewarded him he will never stop barking all day… good job OP

  • Those nails are looong

  • Sounds like you have bad neighbors to allow that kind of behavior.

  • The mlem is strong..

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