NB transition goals

NB transition goals

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  • > that’s my style! I’m the confuser, I confuse people, “Is it a man? Is it a woman? Oh, I’m not sure if I mind.”

    -Noel fielding, the mighty boosh, S3, “Party”

  • Sailor Uranus is the best.

    Also has the coolest special move. It’s called WORLD SHAKING!

  • this but muscular imo. not sure if achievable but i’m gonna FKN try

  • A couple days ago I was at a store and an employee said “is there anything I can help you with sir, ma’m, sir?” All because I’m a guy with long hair in a bun. Am I unintentionally NB goals?

  • even as a trans girl, me.

  • Heeeeelllll yes

  • Every crush I have is gay and that’s fucking radical

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  • Yes

  • Yesss, I was just thinking this yesterday

  • damn i feel called out

  • I get a mild kick of out pointing out to people that anyone who I sleep with is now pansexual. I’m like a sexual reorientating being.

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