• “Charlie realised a silhouette display which was meant to represent an Oviraptor – a small carnivore with a parrot-like beak – was in fact a completely different dinosaur.”

  • This makes really happy for this kid. 🙂 I imagine it really kindles the fire behind his aspirations in science.

    Also, points to the museums social media marketing person in seeing the opportunity for publicity here. I say this since that’s who wrote back.

  • Not too long ago there was this one 10 year old who found a 1 million+ year old fossil while playing outside

    Wonder if those 2 will meet someday

  • Seems to be a bit of an Ovirpator-action

  • And yet they get the wrong dinosaur in the picture

  • >”He was adamant though saying “I’m telling you, I’m right’.”

    That sounds like something that Trump would say.

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