My Slice of White Bread Came With a Brown Corner

My Slice of White Bread Came With a Brown Corner

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  • It’s infected

  • This isn’t necessarily fake. This can quite easily happen in a commercial bakery. Wheat dough in pan/equipment gets folded into white dough (or vice versa) and proofed and baked into loaf. Quality control does not catch it and it’s sliced and bagged.

    Source: was a commercial bakery superintendent.

  • EDIT: Some people doubt the authenticity of this post. Here is the rest of the loaf:

  • Looks like Michael Jackson got reincarnated as a slice of bread.

  • Did you eat it?

  • White bread with a brown booty. The envy oh white and brown breads everywhere.

  • Don’t take this bread to Alabama

  • Ergot?

  • The best thing since spliced bread.

  • Bread AIDS

  • That’s some interracial bread porn.

  • Kill it before it breads

  • You can take the bread out of the hood, but you cant take the hood out of the bread.

  • Biracial Bread.

  • Splicing.

  • Browns the main, whites the dessert.

  • R/untrustworthypoptarts

  • Was this by Pepperidge farms?? I had one like this too!!


  • some would say its gone BAD

  • I’ll be giving it a try soon!


  • its a chimera bread that absorbed its twin when it was still rising in the pan

  • Someone call Maury Povich to get to the bottom this

  • Frankenbread

  • That is still white bread, but seems to be another variety =/

  • Lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is the bread now white or brown?

  • Don’t eat that

  • Hey, quit staring. Your brown bread has vitiligo and it makes it awkward when you stare.

  • Muladough.

  • Your fake bread came with some real bread attached.

  • The white bread has only started to join the dark side

  • It’s cancer

  • This makes me uncomfortable!

  • Came with an *unbleached* corner

  • What on earth, how does that happen?

  • how the hell



  • More like : this brown piece of toast with a bunch of white privilege

  • Thicc

  • Diversity has gone too far

  • Diversity has gone too far

  • Whiggers be like

  • All white breads are dyed brown.

  • Fake

  • Fake karma farming

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