My pet viper

My pet viper

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  • Your pet looks delicious

  • OP was from r/food I believe. Couldn’t find your account in hindsight for credit. Please let your skills be recognized!

  • That’s pretty fantastic looking, what is it? do you have a recipe?

  • I thought it was going to be a plate of cheeseburgers:(

  • Looks like it might be a couranne…I’ve been watching too much Great British Baking Show.

  • Is your pet inbred?

  • is that bread or some shit? are you kidding me? i totally bought it take the upvote

  • I wanna dip that snake in oil and balsamic vinegar.

  • Checking from /r/all here on sync.

    I thought it was snake and was going to link here.

    Great post op

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