My Oasis in Chicago

My Oasis in Chicago

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  • Jelly Chicagoan here. I have a tough time finding places like this. They’re all new cookie cutter or have the “classic” wood trim everywhere.

  • How much is rent?

  • What kind of couch is that?

  • Where did you purchase your sofa? It looks comfy while still being stylish.

  • Not enough plants. Looks good!

  • Which neighborhood if you don’t mind me asking?

  • nice dude! reminds me of my old place in wicker. You have better plants than I did tho.

  • Representt!!! We’ve been making Chicago shine in this community!

  • Love this. What’s the plant on the left of this picture?

  • I like that you have some color in there. A lot of guys will have all black and dark woods….a little color here and there makes a big difference.

  • I dig your plants. What’s the one on top of the fridge?

  • I fuck with those chairs, what are they?

  • Can you get insects from the plants?

  • BB-8!

  • Whats that poster you have up?

  • Love the subtle BB-8 on the books. I might have to steal that idea…

  • Chicago is my favorite city in the world. I’ve lived in Vancouver, Canada my whole life and my entire family could tell you how much I talked about moving there one day.

  • awesome

  • San pellegrino!

  • What do you do for a job? Because I want an apartment just like this in Chicago

  • Oh this is lovely. Good job on the interior design!

  • You like Huey Lewis and the news?

  • reminds me of a bar and a dentist’s office

  • Needs to be more minimal

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