My mom and I as Xena and Gabrielle for Stafest when I was 13. She made her costume.

My mom and I as Xena and Gabrielle for Stafest when I was 13. She made her costume.

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  • This makes the themes from that show even more confusing.

  • Something about this either aged her down or aged you up because you look like sisters.

    Either way, neat. Glad you could share an experience like that with a parent. Mine would like at me like I’m insane. I know because when I dress up they look at me like I’m insane.

  • Holy crap, get ready for creepy PMs.

  • Woah! Freaky resemblance to Lucy Lawless.

  • Nothing crazy has happened yet, but I predict a locked thread.

  • I’m legitimately curious, did you get any uncomfortable looks or advances? You don’t even remotely look 13. One of my best friends in middle school could have passed for 19 and she hated going out in public because of that.

    PS the costumes are great!

  • Mom crushed it on the homemade Xena costume.

  • I always thought it was weird that Xena wasn’t written to be able to fly since Lucy Lawless can.

  • So many things to say about this.

    Kidding OP. Great costumes. Mom pulled that off nicely.

  • Used to watch the hell out of the Hercules / Xena back to back shows. Loved the crossovers the most.

    Got to meet Kevin Sorbo at Awesomecon a while back, he’s such a nice guy in person.

  • Now mommacat1992 gets to be Xena and babycat can be Gabrielle

  • Great costumes, spot on!

    I worked on Xena and those costumes are what they had when I started. Fun times. I was in the last 4 seasons as a stuntie. Lucy was great, Renee was OK. Pretty aloof it seemed but then I didn’t interact with them much.

  • Your mom seems really cool. Tell her I said she looked like a cool mom.

  • Hey that’s awesome! I use to watch that show every Saturday after coming home from a long day of jetskiing. That and Keven Sorbo aka Hercules!

  • Wow I kinda forgot about this show but as soon as I saw your mom it’s all coming back to me.

    Well done all around.

  • Wow, you’re as tall as your mom when you’re 13. o.o

  • Don’t they make out?

  • This thread is a super fucking weird shit show

  • Is your mom single?

  • That’s so awesome that your mom got in on that! Sick costumes! Do you still go to those kinds of events?

  • Great job!

  • Uhhh, I think I know you.

  • Wish my mom was that cool. She’s was to busy yelling at my brothers to have time for cool things.

  • You both look like 26.

  • It’s not cosplay if you Mum is actually Xena.

  • those nails and lipzz oh plz

  • Seems like a better version of [MotherBoy]( Operation Hot Mother would be awesome!

  • Are you british? You look british

  • I don’t remember the sidekick, but your mom looks exactly like Lucy Lawless (which is a top five name).

  • Do you remember what she made her breast plate out of? And do you two still go to conventions? That would be so adorable.

  • She kind of resembles Lucy lawless.

  • You look very happy 馃榾 I used to love that show, love your costumes too.

  • You guys look awesome – I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up and hit up a comicon with me

  • Woww!! They look great and this reminded me that show even existed and I got to watch like 16 years ago.

  • for a fun tour through the dregs of humanity, come back to this thread in a couple hours and start from the bottom

  • Dude, how old is your mother?

  • She kinda looks like Lucy Lawless too.

  • Great costumes!

    You guys look a bit like Lorelai and Rory. You could cosplay the Gilmore girls cosplaying Xena and Gabrielle.

  • So much life in those eyes

  • You look like sisters

  • That is so awesome!

  • Do you guys still dress up with a different theme every year?

  • and how old are is op now?

  • Your Mum is a fox!

  • You looked like 18.

  • You guys could be sisters I have a hard time telling who’s younger. Both beautiful and great costuming.

  • My girlfriend’s mom recently made us fallout costumes for Megacon. Ain’t moms great

  • You both look great.

  • This is so Good!

  • Hot mom!

  • For a couple of seconds I actually thought that was the real Lucy Lawless

  • All I see is two beautiful women.

  • Which one is your mom? 馃檪

    Oh and I gotta know, cause it’s hard to tell in the picture. Are you both like 5’2″ in height or are ya both like 6′ tall amazons?

  • 13…

  • [removed]

  • Which one is you?

  • I don’t know which one is the mom. =/

  • Who is the mom and who is the daughter???

  • Great costumes, but I couldn’t help notice you both have the same gorgious blue eyes 馃檪

  • Totally would have married you

  • Super cute!

  • Great, now the pedos will be fapping to 13yo you for the rest of the internet.

  • Pic of you now?

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