My horse weighs 15,000 pounds.

My horse weighs 15,000 pounds.

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  • just for comparison, 15 000 pounds is more than the top end weight of an african elephant,

  • Her rambling lunacy at the end filled with personal insults certainly convinced me that she’s telling the truth.

  • I hate lairs

  • An elephant’s max weight is 14,000 pounds….. soooooooo….. Either she is a very dumb person, or has the biggest horse in history! I for one believe she has the biggest horse that will exist for possibly around the next 10,000 years! That food bill has to be outrageous!!!!!!!

  • Bigger AND Huger

  • That’s a real weird lie to double down on.

  • Almost big as a draft horse? How fucking big does she think a draft horse is ?

  • I don’t know why he kept calling her a lair. She said the horse wasn’t from around here. Horses from Narnia can easily reach 15,000lbs.

  • Is 1500 pounds somehow not sufficient to break toes?

  • First off, you shouldn’t keep papers in a horse, the pages get all greasy.

  • Perhaps she got the horse from a breeder in Troy, I hear Trojan horses are pretty large

  • 15,000 pounds was the weight of the Vickers 1 tank in WWII.

  • Abby, she looks like an Abby, did you buy your “*Horse*” from a guy named Hannibal? Because it weighs as much as one of his fucking battle elephants.

  • When challenged, always double down.

  • She clearly said that this horse is not “from here.” Yet, I see all of you calling her a lair based on your knowledge of earth horses! A Neptunian horse can EASILY weigh 15,000.

  • At 15,000 pounds, that horse would still be less than half as large as the largest land mammal to have ever walked the Earth, [Paraceratherium.](

    Edit: Lowest estimates of the largest species start at 33,000 pounds. For reference, Tyrannosaurs Rex weighs in at maximum 14,000 pounds, less than the fucking horse 😂

  • I, for one, believe her as she did the math and gave us the weight in both american and foreign measurements…


  • The record mentioned was for Sampson.

    Yet as the lady says you cant believe everything on the internet and her horse is probably 15k lbs.

  • A seven ton horse…I dunno about horses, or much about physics, but wouldn’t that thing cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed?

  • So your horse weighs the same as a black hawk helicopter? Hmmm interesting….

  • If it’s large and wooden tell her to burn it because there is probably a Trojan army in there and you don’t want that.

  • Just note that she doesn’t even think it’s the biggest horse in the world. “almost as big as a draft horse”. So draft horses regularly weigh more than the biggest elephant…

  • No one will be laughing when this gargantuan beast breaks free one day and causes ruin to humanity.

  • Actually, she’s right [according to wikipedia](

  • Plot twist: The papers say that the horse cost £15,000, so she’s partially right.

  • well seeing as though a triceratops only weighs about 11,000 pounds, i’d definitely have to see this horse to be able to come to any kind of definitive conclusion.

  • Papers can have typos ya know…

  • As someone who
    1. Lives on an old horse farm
    2. Lives next to several horse farms
    3. Been around and rode horses for most of my life
    4. Was raised by a horse raiser and racer

    I have no idea how much a horse weighs but 1500 sounds about right

  • This feels like a recent presidential debate. Or maybe just a press conference.

  • Her horse is probably filled with Greeks.

  • No you guys don’t understand, her horse has a thyroid condition.

  • [Picture proof later posted by OP](

  • What got me was the word huger.

  • r/quityourbullshit would enjoy this too

  • I’m getting accepted into clubs on my messages I didn’t know existed! Thank you guys so much and hello front page!

  • 15,000 pounds of weight on your barefoot would be worse off than just broken.

  • To try and get a handle on it I just googled “What weighs 15000 lbs?” and this post turned up on the front page.

  • >everything you read on the Internet isn’t true

    Sp does that mean everything I read on the Internet IS true? Hmmm

  • I wonder how many of these are really just stupid 12 year olds or something similar.

  • “Yeah, my horse is also grey, and has a prehensile snout! I bet your shitty English horses don’t have those!”

  • That horse is almost as heavy as my penis. I’m not Lairing.

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