My highlighter has a window so you can see what you’re highlighting

My highlighter has a window so you can see what you’re highlighting

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  • They stock those at my school in Japan. Japanese people say sometimes that they don’t invent so much stuff but rather they focus on perfecting already existing items. This highlighter is that theory in action.

  • But my only talent is guessing when to stop

  • Doesn’t Sharpie have highlighters with windows also?

  • I just highlight backwards.

  • Sharpie has a [very similar design]( available in multiple sizes, called the ClearView.

  • One of the only benefits of being left handed is you can see whatever you’re highlighting.

  • I have one and I find it to be utterly useless for how I use a highlighter

  • Woe never seen what brand ?

  • I have that. Pure gimmick imo

  • Good ol’ muji

  • Oh, so that’s what it’s for.

  • Or, hear me out here… highlight right to left

  • I wish I had a window to highlight my day

  • Uni highlighter. Used them in primary school before. Feels just like another highlighter tbh.

  • Muji!! I really love their products.

  • Why are you highlighting your carpet though?

  • Dats badasss

  • You can pick this up at the store. Relatively new. Living in Japan not required

  • I saw a commercial for that once.

  • Omg that is so fucking smart

  • I never knew when to stop!!!!!!

  • I feel like the problem so many of us have with highlighters, like the reason this nifty thing was made, is not an issue for left handed people.

  • Idk about the brand, but that type of highlighter has been pretty ubiquitous for a few years now.

  • Had one of these and fell in love with it, then I lost it. Now I’m using a sharpie highlighter, but it doesn’t compare..

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