• Raccoons don’t have salivary glands so they always wet food in streams if they can. People used to think they were washing their food off before consumption.

  • People used to think that they washed their food, so in a lot of languages they’re called “washing bears.” In Danish for example, they’re called “vaske bjørne” which means washing bear.

  • That’s cruel but funny. I wonder where they got the idea from.

  • So I love how people replay things over and over and over in society. It’s a weird and adorable human trait…kinda like washing your food.

    The most popular video I found associated with “raccoon cotton candy” was the one covered by this Atlantic article over a year ago that apparently busts the myth of the reasons why raccoons always wash their food: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/01/cotton-candy-raccoon/423279/

    Buzzfeed even had an “origin” article on this same raccoon, and it’s also on knowyourmeme and several other spots.

    However, I was also able to find [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/Wellthatsucks/comments/2su9xe/raccoon_eating_cotton_candy_xpost_runexpected/) reddit thread that features the same scenario, but a different raccoon — over two years ago.

    Looking at [the history of cotton candy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotton_candy) we see that this stuff has been around in one form or another since **as early as the 15th century!** One has to wonder if the news criers of London in 1482 were urging folks to read about the funny raccoon prank that could be seen at the Leicester open air theatre 3 days a week!

    EDIT: times

  • How does your friend have a pet raccoon?

  • don’t feed sugar to animals!

  • Terrible video, 2/10

  • Wtf. Why would they feed pure sugar to a wild animal?
    Humans disgust me most times.

  • Anyone know the music playing during the video? It’s a beautiful sounding piece.

  • Ok, now someone please share a video where a raccoon actually gets to eat something please. This is heartbreaking.

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