My favorite mistake

My favorite mistake

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  • I feel like this would be better suited for /r/funny but unfortunately as it’s not a repost it doesn’t qualify to be there

  • Which mistake? Assuming Sheryl Crow is dead or Kid Rock thinking he’d be remotely qualified to be a politician?

  • ITT: People who don’t know Sheryl Crow song titles.

  • If it makes you happy.

  • Or it was a tongue-in-cheek. I sometimes do this as well.

  • OP is not getting enough credit for this amazing title.

  • Why would she be rolling in her grave anyway?

  • RIP Boss Hogg

  • TIL that Sheryl Crow is still alive

  • Rest In Peace Wade Boggs

  • Idiocracy is here.

  • >my favorite mistake

    That’s what my parents like to call me

  • Why would he tag her Twitter handle if he genuinely thought she was dead?

  • So cons elected an incompetent neophyte to the office of president, why would they make a similarly stupid choice with kid?

  • Man, Eddie Vedder must be rolling in his grave right now.

  • IDK about anyone else but I read ‘RIDE COCK’ for some reason

  • Easily my favorite Sheryl Crow song.

  • Haha, today I was at an antique mall and saw a Sheryl Crow signed picture for $9 and ended up buying a Coprolite (literally ancient shit) for $10.

  • A dead person posing as Sheryl Crow can get a verified status on Twitter, but Julian Assange can’t … un fucking believable …

  • Isn’t it ironic?

  • would this post be a facepalm cause he was trying to be funny?

  • That Kid Rock…That don’t impress me much…

  • “Haha yeah, but if you weren’t you’d be rolling in your grave.”

  • Jebus

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