• Has anybody ever *not* pat her on their way out? Intentionally.

  • Everyone needs to be involved! Even dogs. I love this.

    My husband instigated a ritual we refer to as ‘Cuddle Corner’ when he leaves for work in the morning. It’s our way to all see him off before work and teach our daughter to bid everyone goodbye when they leave (especially when we have friends visiting) even with just a wave or a high five.

    All we have to say to the dog in the morning is ‘It’s CUDDLE CORNER TIME!’ and he dashes down the hall to wait for his turn to get a hug before my husband leaves. It’s goddamn adorable.

  • Good girl!!

  • Well, give him a good pat for such a good boy from me OP.

  • My first dog did something similar except not with pets. She’d put her ball in the hallway connecting all the rooms and sit waiting for people who walked by to kick it for her.

  • Clever girl

  • That is one precious doggie there!

  • This way no one will forget her. It is a continuation of love.

  • She prolly think they will walk her.

  • Henlo patty head girl

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