My dog has a heart on his butt

My dog has a heart on his butt

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  • That’s normally some trashy shit right there, but adorable on the little doggo.

  • T H I C C

  • The pound was a dark dark place…

  • /r/furry_irl

  • Didn’t know dogs had cutie marks…

    ^(I’m sorry it just fits so well here…)

  • The heart grows closer to his true love

  • My dog has an asterix on his butt: [and so it goes…](

  • What a good boy ❤

  • So perfect! Love him

  • It’s butt love tina

  • Can we see the rest of the doggo?

  • Like my dog, he always has a heart on.

  • What kind of dog is this fella? His markings, tail and fur length look a lot like my puppy, though she doesn’t have that adorable heart on her tush.

  • Love him forever <3

  • L O V E R B O Y E

  • Thats a love mark! Keep peting him and another will appear soon

  • And hes about to have a dick in it if he keeps showin off

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