My dad was Kelso 1973

My dad was Kelso 1973

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  • Still not convinced its not Ashton Kutcher

  • Your dad looks more like Ashton Kutcher than Ashton Kutcher’s literal twin brother.

  • And then, there was this one time where I wanted to fool around, and you asked me if I washed my hands and I said yes, but really I just got done playing with like 10 dogs.

  • Does he know my parents? [Donna and Eric?](

  • Do you have a photo of him now? I’m not convinced this isn’t Ashton Kutcher.

  • I made a [side by side] ( for people

  • I see a mix of kelso and Adam Scott.

  • Honesty’s cool, man. It’s like, I can do anything wrong, and then ask for forgiveness and then I’m good again. Someone should invent a religion like that.

  • Can you post a 2017 photo of him? Then we can see what Ashton Kutscher will look like in 30-40 years

  • 2/10, was expecting Bob Kelso

  • Annnnd thennn?

  • Is your mom Jackie?

  • Noo, your Dad was Steve Jobs.

  • How…how is this not a picture of Ashton Kutcher? Side note story: I am a social worker that often works with the mentally ill. Met a guy a few times who is convinced that Ashton Kutcher is his archnemesis, ruining his life. Wonder how this pic would fit into the puzzle for him?

  • Every High School had a Kelso in 1973.

  • Damn, Jackie, I can’t control the weather!



  • After hours of research here’s what I discovered. That 70s Show takes place in the 70s. Picture of your dad was taken in the 70s. Based on evidence presented, the conclusion we can make is: your dad plays Ashton Kutcher playing Michael Kelso.

  • Are we overlooking the fact that OP’s dad is CLEARLY Ashton Kutcher’s dad?

  • My favourite Kelso scene, when Red wakes up one morning to find Kelso with his hand stuck to the fridge.

    Red: Kelso, did someone glue you to the fridge?

    Kelso: No.

    Red: Kelso… did you glue yourself to the fridge?

    Kelso: Yes

  • Did Ashton Kutcher and Adam Scott have baby while time traveling?

  • Holy shit. That is the closest doppelgänger I’ve ever seen between 2 people, even though their ages probably aren’t close.


  • Probably coasted by on his good looks alone until suddenly breaking into adulthood after impregnating your mom on a one night stand.

  • Who has two thumbs and thought you meant Dr.Kelso from scrubs? This guy. How you doing?

  • and the good lord said… straight to the top with you!

  • He also looks like Jack Black for me

  • In his defense:

    Everyone was Kelso in ’73 …

  • Looks like Ashton kutcher


  • Hey, I got a notification for this, nice dad

  • Notification squad?

  • Man I miss that show so much.

  • Might want to leave his film strips and journals alone.

  • 90% Kelso, 10% Spock

  • Fuck yeah he is!

  • I think EVERYONE was Kelos in 1973

  • WOW

  • Your dad looks like Kelso and Walt Jr. (Flynn), had a lust child.

  • Dies you mother look like Mila Kunis

  • *”You know what your problem is? I’m too good looking.”*

  • Dang I’ve been meaning to post a pic of my dad who looked identical to Fez, but haven’t gotten a hold of his yearbook in a while. Mark my words, I’ll post it very soon.

  • “MY EYE “

  • Your Dad was a good looking man

  • Whoa

  • now find Fez! I say Good Day!

  • That is uncanny

  • Steve blobs.

  • Completely surprised that isn’t ashton kutcher

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