My Dad, around 1950.

My Dad, around 1950.

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  • Are you Christopher Titus OP?

  • Your Dad seems like the type who would shove me up against the wall, only to grin and say “just playing champ” and slap me on the back of the head.

  • People complain about kids today and social media but he totally would have used that as his profile pic.

  • Looks like a young Red Forman

  • This is the most dad look possible

  • That’s a haircut you can set your watch to.

  • Looks like Hank from me myself and Irene

  • 50’s side-eye

  • “Shut up you jackass”-your dad, probably

  • Does he still keep ziggy?

  • Looks like hes about to shove his foot into someone’s ass.

  • The father of Batmobile

  • I swear to god he’ll turn this car around right now…

  • Looks a bit like Jim Carrey

  • Your dad is Jim Carrey

  • Your dad kinda looks like McGyver ready to make some shit happen.

  • Guile?

  • Looks like Brian Cox

  • revive me I have ray gun

  • Anyone have a time machine? because…👀

  • He vaguely resembles James Van Der Beek

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