My coworker brought her baby goat to work. She fell asleep in my arms.

My coworker brought her baby goat to work. She fell asleep in my arms.

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  • Probably not what management had in mind for ‘bring your kid to work day’

  • I once told a farmer who had goats that I had always wanted a goat.

    His response was “that’s because you’ve never had one.”

  • Where do you work? I will quit my job right now

  • Well looks like you’re good with kids

  • Y’all hiring?

  • Do NOT let my wife see this picture…

  • I want to be where people can bring baby goats to work!

  • But where did the poop go all day?

  • That sweater.. ;-;

  • Aww…she’s got on a tiny sweater!!

  • Looks like Gizmo, 10/10 would snuggle.

  • I’m sorry, but the goat ate my TPS reports.

  • So if you do not get work done; scapegoat?

  • Kids these days.

  • What a love.

  • Plot twist: It was the co-worker who fell asleep in their arms.

  • I read this as the coworker falling asleep in your arms

  • Is this what they call a pygmy goat? They are the sweetest things, I’ll love to keep one someday

  • If I ever have kids, I hope they are as cute as yours 馃槃

  • Everyone’s day was happily interrupted by this cute little kid.

  • How does one bring a goat to work?

  • This is very interesting

  • Damn this is a cute picture

  • the cute girl and goat combo is too real

  • That would be me not getting a damn bit of work done at all that day and not caring at all 馃榾

  • Goats eat poison ivy. The only way to get rid it quickly without ~~Napalm~~ Roundup!

  • And then proceeded to piss and shit on her sweater.

  • Its baaad to sleep on the job…

  • adorable.

  • hoppity hop

  • [deleted]

  • As much as I dislike goats that is pretty awesome.

  • I want to work where people bring their baby goats. Clearly, I have made some poor career choices.

  • Awwww look at the little baby Kanye


  • Remember kids eat free almost everywhere.

  • Apparently I need a baby goat.

  • Awwwwwwwwwww

  • Some posts you just know before clicking on will be gilded.

  • As a full grown man, I would lose my shit if a baby goat fell asleep in my arms!

  • 8 hours on Reddit and has more karma than me

  • A goat in a coat.

  • Only ass holes bring fucking pet goats to work. Jeez!

  • 90% sure the goat will be dumped when it is no longer small and cute…

  • Man the creep factor in here is ***stroooonnngg***

  • Oh boy! A picture with a girl in it. Can’t wait for this thread to become locked!

  • Growing her own kabab. Your coworker is smart

  • I have a weird co-worker that falls asleep in my arms too

  • Cute kid

  • I want a goat now.

  • GOAT

  • I want a baby goat!!!!

  • I Cri Evrytiem

  • Cute kid.

  • You can’t fool me, that’s just a picture of Carson Wentz as a baby.

  • Did I miss ‘Bring Your Goat To Work Day’ again???? That gets my sheep!

  • Where do u work, that someone can bring a baby goat to work?

  • Better work at a vets office or this becomes wtf lol

  • How does one go about owning a baby goat as a pet?

  • So what happened to the baby goat after your coworker fell asleep in your arms?

  • I have never been more jealous.

  • Was just in Hawaii and a guy had a pet baby goat named dingaling. 10/10 would hold again.

  • It’s face and ears make it look like a real Furby!

  • Awww! I want one.


  • You mean *your* baby goat. I’m pretty sure there’s a rule if it falls asleep in your arms you get to keep it.

  • Cute kid.

  • But why tho

  • *sorts by controversial*

  • Let me love it <3

  • Lucky

  • Don’t think you’re fooling me. That’s a Mogwai.

  • Maaaaaaaan, I brought Braised Lamb Shanks to work the other day and *my* coworker just ate them.

    *She ate them.*

    *She ate them all!*


    Not everyone is as lucky as your coworker. I totally wished that when I offered to show her what a Braised lamb looked like, that she would just pick one up (maybe eat a tiny morsel to taste) and hold it like you did, instead she ran away with my lunch. Hate that bitch.

  • Is it Christmas season where this took place?

  • How could you not mention it’s wearing a sweater?

  • Health code violation

  • Why did your coworker fall asleep in your arms?

    Follow up question:

    Why is your coworker a goat?

  • Wow if I feel asleep on my coworker id probably get fired. Not fair

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