MSNBC and Greta Van Susteren Agree to Part Ways

MSNBC and Greta Van Susteren Agree to Part Ways

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  • Not surprising, she was losing viewers from Chuck Todd, which were then coming back for Hardball. I also like Ari Melber a lot so I’m happy he’s getting a shot.

  • Just waiting to see how long it takes Comcast to finally let Megyn agree to spend more time with her family, too.

  • Hallelujah!! What were they thinking? She ruined my early evening / dinner cooking / background news routine. I’d tune Seinfeld reruns on my DVR before I’d watch her.

    Even if I tuned into the show after hers and she was in split screen for the first few mins I’d tune away again. Ick

  • Vanity Fair reports Ari Melber, who is already with MSNBC, will replace Greta Van Susteren in 6 pm hour on MSNBC

  • I tend to have MSNBC on in the background while I’m working and intended to switch it off for her. Never been a fan.

  • So long, Greta. Hopefully this ends NBC’s experiment of trying to grab conservatives, but probably not.

  • Great news. While I’ve no problem with Melber, I’d prefer if they brought back Keith Olbermann.

  • Thank god, I am so happy with this news, she was terrible on the commute home

  • Andy Lack continues to bat a thousand.

  • She had that legal show with Roger Cossack way back when on CNN, that was watchable enough between semesters. I remember that commentary she did on “great men” during International Women’s Day (which I admittedly only caught on Lat Week Tonight). That and publicizing the face lift just seem to indicate an awkward energy. At least she’s not accusing people of thinking she’s their mammy.

  • That’s a shame. She was critical of the right and the left; she was moderate who stuck to reported facts. I tuned into her show because it was one of the more objective shows in MSM in the circus of partisan politics. Hope she does well in the future.

  • Honestly, I cringe at the notion of anyone under the age of fifty watching the gaggle of blowhards that infest every cable news channel.

    Most people are better off just watching the local nightly news and reading a variety of newspapers.

  • I’m disappointed. I considered her to be the least opinionated and the most neutral of the evening news hosts. I also appreciated her perspective as a lawyer when it came to all the Russia/Comey stuff. I thought she was a great choice to try and get non-liberals watching.

  • Why do conservatives anchor go to liberal news station like MSNBC.

  • Replaced by a man no doubt!

  • Good. She’s a prostitute.

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