MRW I saw my first vagina

MRW I saw my first vagina

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  • Does anyone know what the guy in the gif was watching?

  • is there a no nose version of this gif?

  • I keep expecting him to fire his lazor.

  • Here is the OP the exact moment he saw his first vagina:

  • Why this kid look like magikarp

  • how is that a real person

  • That is one unfortunate looking fellow

  • You saw more than one?!

  • [I can’t be the only one seeing Beaker seeing his first vagina. ](

  • /r/summerreddit

  • how many do you have?

  • /r/shitpost

  • In the entire course of human history, no one who looks like a fish has ever looked more like a fish than this person. Is that coincidentally ironic, given the thread, or is OP just cunning that way?

  • r/teenagers

  • The difference between seeing a vagina and putting your dick in a vagina

  • im 12 btw haHAA


  • God this sub is trash

  • MRW I see how many upvotes this low effort unfunny post has

  • I still can’t believe that dude’s face is real.

  • Shoop da whoop. Ima chargin mah lazer!

  • Why does this dude look like a fish from Spongebob?

  • 😂Does anyone know what he is actually witnessing?

  • Was the vagina shooting out ping pong balls or something?

  • What a garbage post.

  • Poor guy is super ugly.

  • You’re the human manifest of beaker!

  • They’re not that great, visually. Their appeal is cultural and tactile.

  • Is he handicapped? I feel like a normal person would not emote this way.

    Edit: why is my question being downvoted?

    Edit2: I’m wondering about the guy in the gif, not the OP which I think people are thinking i mean

  • My first reaction was essentially what is that. I was 5 and one of my classmates was wearing a skirt while sitting Indian style. I was so confused.

  • You can repost this gif a million times and I’ll always laugh

  • How many vaginas do you have?

  • I think I was either 6ish when I saw one and actually took time to look at it, I think I was a bit confused, it was a family friends daughter​ who was probably about 4 and was running away from her mum trying to put her clothes on… I’m pretty sure I stared at it… I have always wondered what her mum thought seeing me stare like that. I don’t think I asked my mum any questions ever about it, I kinda just accepted that’s what it looks like after that point. Curious to know what ages people generally see it first, and if it’s when they are much older that they truly get the reaction OP posted here.

  • Sex oh did i mention SEX?!? Pee pee poo poo so relatable xd so randum xddddddd

  • That’s a very unfortunate looking human

  • Why does this person’s mouth look like a blow-up doll’s mouth?

  • He looks so much like a magicarp it’s a little concerning

  • This guy is about as close to a human/fish hybrid as we’re going to get.

  • How many vaginas do you have

  • More like first penis…

  • He looks like a thumb and penguin at the same time.

  • He looks like a Steve odekirk thumb trying to impersonate a magikarp or possibly the shoop da woop face.

  • Is that a male or a female?


  • He didn’t blink once.

  • This is the definition of putting pussy on a pedestal.

  • That face doesn’t look real…it looks like a sims 3 character…

  • Is that a real face

  • That’s a magickarp

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