Motion Picture Academy Releases Complete List Of Films That Can Be Enjoyed Without Supporting Sexual Predator – The Onion

Motion Picture Academy Releases Complete List Of Films That Can Be Enjoyed Without Supporting Sexual Predator – The Onion

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  • It’s pretty off putting and jarring that air bud was omitted from this list

  • I was expecting an empty list.

  • The only movies on the list are Tyler Perry movies.

  • Let’s write that list in pencil.

  • Oh sweet. Brave little toaster. I’m set

  • The Brave Little Toaster is lit.

  • > known sexual predator

    FTFY, since the list will be outdated within a week.

  • In all seriousness, I have a theory that of this list were real, and somehow accurate, the subject matter of many of the movies would likely be NSFW. Like the makers of Human Centipede are probably less likely to be child molesters than the people who work at the Disney Channel. There’s no way a pedophile would make a movie like Hard Candy.

  • Would *Predator* make this list?

  • … I would actually be interested in a real list like that.

  • this satire article kinda reminds me on still ongoing topic of “shitty person, great artist” on music scene.

    seriously, i think its more internal-conflicted feeling than “my favorite film are produced/directed/starring by that shitty person”

  • Fun fact: the moron pictured is Dawn Hudson who used to preside over Film Independent, and now the MPA. Another “strong independent female executive” puppet you see in Hollywood who does nothing for her fellow woman unless she can somehow shine her boots with a feel-good story of how she promotes diversity etc. I was bullied right under her nose, during the worst possible times in the economy, and when she heard the news that I was leaving, she came up to me and made a big scene congratulating me on my “journey” as if I was headed to some fucking meditation retreat and not the most horrible and painful chapters in my life.

  • I know this is the Onion, but I’ve heard people having real debates over this. The fact is that if you want to text do this for real, just for starters, you basically can’t watch anything made before…1965?

  • Man, two weeks worth of movies! Can’t wait!

  • Jokes on them… (makes allusion to piracy).

  • It upsets me still jeepers creepers is ruined for this matter. I gave up. Loved the concept, just can’t support for this reason.

  • Many poeple seem to think Weinsteins behaviour was an outlier and not the industry standard for generations.

  • I don’t think that’s necessarily fair to the cast and crew of a lot of Weinstein films that put a lot of hard work into making something great. He’s just the green light. He’s not the creative force.

  • As if there wasn’t any voice actor shenanigans in BLT2.

  • love this

  • That’s gotta be a short list.

  • Am I just being dumb? I can’t find the actual list.

  • Watched Pulp Fiction last night. Great movie, disappointed it’s got his name’s taint attached to it.

  • How about watching a movie and decide if its good because its good and not because someone made it?

  • Let’s be real here. The list would be blank due to how deep the issue goes. Every man and woman in Hollywood is suspect of being a sexual predator.

  • Ever been to a restaurant, sat on a chair and thought: “I wonder if in the past a killer or a rapist sat on this exact chair?”

  • Am I the only one who actually doesn’t give a shit about this and is going to enjoy the movies for what they are rather than who was behind them?

    The guy at the deli could be a serial killer, but I’m still going to eat the fucking sandwich.

  • So, no films are on the list right?

  • What does this mean for the poor women cast in the films?

  • And The Onion is only just barely exaggerating. For whatever reason, this kind of shit is the endemic underbelly of the entertainment industry.

    It protects perverts the way that Wall Street protects thieves and con artists, and the two have about an equal chance of ever being rid of those respective problems.

  • Fuck this. I’m going to watch Pulp Fiction double now

  • Even if this wasn’t from the onion such a list would be more harmful than good, as you would be punishing everyone who worked on a film by boycotting it over a single bad producer/director. Let’s say a producer of a famous upcoming film is an abuser, should you boycott that film and punish the actors in the film in the process?

  • Save me a click, which movie is it?

  • The entire industry of Hollywood is run by sexual predators and pedophiles. I personally have stopped enabling this kiddy fiddlers and rapists by boycotting their garbage films. And judging by falling box office numbers, a lot of people are doing the same.

  • Free of influence from any producer, director, actor, or crew member who had sexually harrassed someone…. *that we know of.

  • Does anyone really care that much?

  • Definitely felt very uncomfortable watching Planet Terror the other night..

  • Well, at least one specific sexual predator.

  • I heard that Chuck Jones molested a bunch of the Who’s that were in the 1966 How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s such a shame because it used to be a family favorite, but now I don’t feel comfortable watching it knowing that so many Who’s got molested.

  • Ay caramba! When do we get to the diddly diddly diddly?

  • How do they know for sure though?

  • Gross. I didn’t know The Onion was owned by the same company that picked up the Gawker garbage sites.

  • >Marie Antoinette

    Sofia Coppola’s whole incest story in Godfather 3 was creepy as fuck, not so sure she’s free from having a sexual abuse history.

  • Ok, now can someone explain why J.K. Rowling is pictured for the story? Is J.K. a sexual predator too?

    Is that J.K. Rowling?

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