Most People Don’t Want To See Friends’ Vacation Pics On Social Media, Study Finds

Most People Don’t Want To See Friends’ Vacation Pics On Social Media, Study Finds

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  • I’m interpretting this as “most people aren’t *really* friends with their friends on social media”.

    If one of my actual friends has any awesome vacation I want to hear all about it. If, on the otherhand, some guy I knew 10 years ago in Uni but never talk to keeps posting pictures of his ‘awesome activities’ well I don’t really give a shit because he’s not really a real friend, just some guy I kind of know.

  • I’d get into an unhealthy mindset when on Facebook constantly comparing myself to my friends and what they’re doing. Eventually kicked FB to the curb while trying to focus on myself

  • I just try to be happy for other people. I have enough bullshit to worry about.

  • I don’t mind them too much… it gives me ideas of places I’d like to visit as well.

    The worst pictures are the constant barrage of pictures of your kids. I quite honestly couldn’t give the tiniest of fucks. When it’s one or two here and there, fine. But when it’s several a day, and then re-sharing the pictures you shared last year because it appeared on your “On This Day” feature… too fucking much, man

  • I love seeing travel pics

  • Crazy, I love seeing travel photos. A lot of people just have one major interest (their field, their kids, their hobby, their political beliefs) and post about that over and over and it gets tedious, but when people go somewhere amazing and post the photos it’s like being told a story. Especially the places with amazing landscapes and scenery. But then again, I don’t get to travel much anymore.

  • one of the reasons why i got rid of my facebook… everyone is having fun but me /:

  • Too bad, bitches! I’m on vacation and am purposely visiting beautiful places in the area to take nice pictures! No selfies either, just beautiful ocean landscapes and lush redwood trails. They can suck it if they can’t appreciate.

  • This was established back in the days when people would get trapped in friends’ living rooms watching slideshows of vacations. Bitching about it was a staple of cartoons and sitcoms.

  • This is so weird to me because besides contact with clients or military friends, this is literally the only reason I use social media at all.

  • So what do people want to see on their social media feed?

    If people post fun pictures of themselves and their vacation on Facebook I actually find it interesting. If you just wanted to see shared memes, why not just go to the plethora of sites, not excluding Reddit, that can provide just that?

  • Nobody wants to see anything on Facebook unless it’s about them. Doesn’t matter what you post. People forget, this is what social media is for.

    Vacations, food, pets, children, political opinions, motivational quotes, memes, game requests, and many others are all things I’ve heard people don’t want to see on Facebook.

    So…. What’s left? What’s the point of social media if people don’t want to see anything that’s ever posted?

  • I’m gonna hypothesize that friends WOULD want to view your photos, IF, and only IF… you go through them yourself and cherry pick only the ‘good ones’ to post. A reasonably small number.

    Maybe even something that matches the narrative of the vacation post?

    I mean, if you’re too damned lazy to sort through 63 photos of a stray trash panda, trying to capture it doing something interesting, NOBODY ELSE WILL, EITHER.

  • I actually like those. It annoys me when people post 9,000 pictures of their babies a day

  • The title could have stopped at the word “friends”.

  • I don’t mind 10 or so interesting shots. If you’re uploading 42 images, most of them uninteresting, I’m tuning out.

    I’m kind of fortunate since many of my friends are professional photographers.

  • We’re a bitter species.

  • I don’t like seeing my own vacation photos on social media.

  • “no shit”

  • i only take landscapes do those count

  • One post/album is fine. But when I log in and there are sixteen posts from your three day trip, blocked.

  • I don’t mind them as long as they’re not those insufferable “My life is a lot more awesome than yours” type of pics. You know, the ones where they hang out with celebrities or take a boat trip on a yacht the size of the Queen Mary.

  • Or other peoples cat pictures either

  • Well, how many of your ‘friends’ on FB are actually your friends? Vacation pics are for family. Most people just want to snoop.

  • Unless you’re hot and in a bikini, goes for males too!

  • Please tell me that goes for ALL the Kardashians too!!!!

  • that is why post the photos are so fun, to feel the jelly

  • I don’t mind seeing a great vaca pic from a friend or even acquaintance. I do mind when people post every single day: Doesn’t matter the subject manner.

    Post the important things / thoughts / ideas – email the other stuff about your food or kids to family or someone who cares.

  • I want to see pictures of different places, traditional clothing of people from those places, food from those places, but what I don’t want to see is my friend’s taking selfies of their vacation. Bitch you are in Thailand, I don’t want to see your selfie, show me what the fuck Thailand looks like

  • All of my good friends are like me… They don’t take pictures of everything for social currency.

    Vacation pictures are pretty lame in the world now.. Pretty much any place a human would go, pictures are already readily available on the internet… their vacation pictures would just be them copy pasted over the top of it.

    Back in the day it somewhat made sense of taking pictures of things you got to see / experience for the sake of seeing /showing what something looked like… Ankor Wat for instance… If you were lucky you could find a black and white photo in some book in some library… so if your friend brought back a picture of them in some crazy fortress.. you could be impressed… Now I can just so see what it looks like in far more detail than any friend is going to be able to record..

    So… yeah, just social currency.. I did this, thumbs ups please.

  • I never had a problem of people posting their vacation pics. What does bother me is when they post them **while** on vacation. That’s asking to get robbed (given that shitty people know where you live)

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