Most embarrassing game over I’ve had

Most embarrassing game over I’ve had

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  • Doesn’t Lamar give you the money when you go in the store though?

  • “The criminals were unable to legally purchase firearms, so they gave up their life of crime and are thankful to have seen the error in their ways.”

  • I bought too many clothes for Michael for his internship mission, annnddd mission failed

  • The shotgun I get but the flashlight mod?! Why would that alone warrant a failure? I wanna see that screen, heck put an achievement for it.

  • Franklin shoulda Micheal browned that shit while Micheal brown shoulda franklined it

  • DarkSydePhill aka DSP actually had this happen to him, so you’re in good company!

  • Not as bad as getting a game over because you didn’t understand the yoga minigame

  • me irl

  • Trying to get past level 1 on NES Top Gun was mine. Fuck that game and fuck trying to land on that fucking aircraft carrier.

  • I Did the exact same thing

  • Good QA testing, damn!

  • Happened to me to years ago

  • Is that you dsp?

  • I mean, my brother got one of these saying:


    Barry got spooked.”

  • If you did this when the game released, you get to keep whatever gun mods. Was a way to get your guns “at the time fully” upgraded (as you unlock some of the other mods later in game)

  • You should see some of the Cuphead ones lol

  • Why did I read that as ā€œ…fleshlight mod.ā€?

  • I did the same thing. Iā€™m also a huge dumb ass

  • they really should’ve carried on with what vice city/san andreas started and made gta into an rpg so we’d have choices, not this rigid crap

  • I though this was a joke in reference to Activision’s new micro-transaction system… What’s this industry coming to?

  • The micro transactions have gone too far…

  • I don’t understand why it doesn’t just grey everything else out when you only have enough for the shotgun.

  • WHAT




  • I remember watching DSP fail this mission several times, and of course, he blamed the game and the developers for his own incompetence.

  • At the present rate this will be; mission failed you failed the buy the downloadable content

  • soon it’ll be mission failed you didn’t buy the season pass or your not online in the single player (I mean really needing internet for a single player mode is retarded.)

  • I had this situation yesterday….Epic Fail….:D

  • [deleted]

  • lol but for real, I hate how GTA (V in this case) has stupid insta-fails like this, it’s so counter-intuitive to the point of an open world. For example, I got a “mission failed” because I didn’t follow whatshisface while flying the plane as Trevor back to the airport. Like, seriously? I was getting to grips with flying, and you insta-fail me in this open world game for going the opposite way? Stupid design.

  • Thats not embarrassing. With the way this game holds your hand in missions its no wonder that players stop thinking for themselves. Good game, missions can be completed with not faintest idea of the story however.

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