Mossy Graveyard

Mossy Graveyard

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  • I’ve played uncharted, and that definitely leads to an undiscovered cave where you will find a clue about another undiscovered cave, you just have to figure out how to open it.

  • I don’t know why people find skulls creepy. We’re all walking around with one.

  • That is the coolest thing!!

  • This grave is at Brugge General cemetery in Belgium.

    Here’s the man who’s buried in it:

    edited to correct location.

  • I want to be cremated just because “meh, I don’t need a grave” but now, I think I want this!!

  • Is there a sub for graveyard/skull pictures?

  • Any idea on its location?

  • “Go check it out, Scoob!”

  • That skull is awesome

  • The new Pirates of the Caribbean looks cool.

  • That skull looks like it is in everlasting pain, Christ almighty.

  • Moss-yard gravy

  • I’d totally want to be buried with that tombstone. Looks badass

  • This is some tomb raider shit haha

  • Why would someone have this on their grave, pre goth culture?

  • Love this!!

  • When you bust a good nut

  • Can anyone suggest me a sub for tombs, graves and opening them?

  • Cue the Castlevania BGM.

  • Whoever’s grave this is was a badass.

  • This is the only circumstance I will allow a gravestone to be placed at my burial site.

  • Now that’s a grave with gravitas

  • I never considered my own grave design until today.

  • chester copperpot?

  • Looks like something straight out of Dark Souls

  • I’m sure that somewhere, someone has a treasure map that leads to that spot

  • Reminds me of the forbidden woods in bloodborne

  • That is genuinely weird

  • There’s something both eerie and beautiful about this. Vibrant green life clinging to a symbol of death.

  • I want that skull in my aquarium. <3

  • Piracy is deadly.

  • Who the hell is buried here?

  • Moss being majestic

  • It just looks like he’s annoyed and yelling mooommmmm

  • Awesome

  • Looks like it should be a pirates tomb

  • That’s a very expensive One Piece gravestone

  • Was this guy a pirate?

  • Someone power wash it!

  • First to upbote it

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