Moonrise over the Washington cascades [OC][1350×1800]

Moonrise over the Washington cascades [OC][1350×1800]

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  • Taken from Mount Rainier National Park

    Shot with: Fuji X-T2 140mm; at ISO 100, f/8, 1/30s

    Check out or

  • I tried to “vectorize” this picture to make it look like a Firewatch wallpaper, [did I succeed ?](

  • r/vaporwaveaesthetics

  • At first I think it was a animation. This is too perfect.

  • Wonderful colors

  • a e s t h e t i c

  • Beautiful shot!

  • This looks like an LP cover for an atmospheric black metal band. Awesome!

  • The layers of color are incredible. This is one of my favorite pictures ever!

  • Reminds me of the Kong: Skull Island poster.

  • This is amazing. Mind if I make this my new wallpaper? (I’m gonna do it anyways. fight me.)

  • r/outrun

  • I want to howl like a wolf looking at the Moon. 🙂

  • Absolutely beautiful, amazing photo!

  • This looks like a movie poster for a stand alone Star Wars movie

  • Goddamnit this is the third perfect wallpaper picture in 2 days! I only have so many screens!

  • Can somebody photoshop the moon out of it? I love the colors but the moon gets in the way of my lock screen too much to not drive me crazy

  • From what I’m seeing so far on this sub. Washington is EarthPorn.

  • This would make an amazing wallpaper, could you possibly upload the picture in a higher resolution?

  • Those are some Bob Ross-esque trees

  • just think of the cold night alone in the blue crisp forest

  • I live in WA and I’m not convinced this isn’t the backdrop to a GTA poster

  • Is there an old windows XP wallpaper of this place?

  • Awesome example of the Belt of Venus.

  • Honestly this is my favorite photo I’ve seen on this sub

  • New wallpaper

  • The damn clock on iPhone is right in front of the moon. Still using as a wallpaper though 🙂

  • Moonrise over Gondor

  • The moon is always so much nicer to look at – it doesn’t blind you like the stupid cancer giving sun. It also has a sad melancholy about it at times…

    Anyway, this is a lovely picture!

  • The folks over at /r/firewatch would love this.

  • I SEE



  • The texture is amazing… like brush strokes on a painting.

  • [A sorta minimalist version](

  • Thanks for my new phone background!

  • Lovely gradient colors

  • This is one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen in my life. My nana calls these kinds of photos “million-dollar photos” because sometimes you take a picture that could be worth that much. (Not necessarily but, she’s my nana, what can I say.)

  • Can you photoshop a second more red moon?

  • That’s a iPhone cover if ever I saw one 👌🏻

  • Messenger birds in sight

  • Oh wow, the colors looked like they were painted. The sky is so interesting.

  • Damn these bob ross paintings look good.

  • I spent many years going to Lake Nordrum and Rock Lake, I do miss those places. Redmond is not what it used to be though, not sure where I would live now.

  • This looks like a Calvin Harris single cover

  • Wow so lovely

  • This is dope

  • All Reddit is doing now is growing my bucketlist.

  • A friend wants me to paint a Cascade Mountain mural on her wall; this looks like a perfect inspiration.

  • that could literally be from a movie , great shot!

  • Home

  • Tycho-esque

  • I think we should rename this sub /r/MtRanierPorn

  • The color change in relation to the distance of each mountain is beautiful

  • This along with your other work is straight up gorgeous. May I also use as wallpaper

  • Geez if you guys want pics of my backyard just ask!


  • There’s a bunch of wildfires on the east side of the Cascades. I wonder if the residual smoke is part of the unique coloring in this photo.

  • This is so pretty!

  • wow

  • That’s no moon..

  • Wow. This is majestic.

  • This could totally be used for the Kong: Skull Island poster

  • /blush

  • Nice picture, made it my new wallpaper

  • Another great shot from Washington State. There’s like one a day in here.

  • Remindme! 7 hours

  • I half expect a glittery boy band looking vampire to come flying out of those mountains. Seriously tho, gorgeous pic.

  • New wallpaper, thanks!

  • love living in Washington !

  • I live in WAand really wanna start hiking to get to places like this. Is this literally just at the park or is there somewhere specific to go?

  • The thumbnail looked like some graphics to a video game.

  • I see those mountains every day.

  • Forgive my ignorance, but is that one in the middle Mount St. Helens?

  • Love

  • Man, this looks so tranquil. Great job!

  • New phone wallpaper…!

  • Honestly, this looks like it could be an Earthlike exo-planet.

  • RemindMe! 8 hours

  • The thumbnail makes it look like a drawing.

  • holy shit

  • You can really see the moons face. Nice

  • This picture is simply perfect!! The kinda yellow moon, pink sky and blue mountain color combination is very basic yet the blending makes it looking one complete piece. Great job!

  • Great composition. Thank you for not adding neon green grass and colorful flowers in the foreground.

  • Using my home state is cheating I swear. Great picture dude

  • Beautiful colors. I want a poster of this!

  • This guy rule of thirds!

  • Looks like a Caspar David Friedrich painting

  • Thanks for the wallpaper

  • Beautiful! I was there a month ago, here’s a picture I took with my phone.

  • Breathless beautiful…

  • That’s amazing

  • Looks like a Tyco album cover

  • This looks like the Patagonia logo IRL.

  • V A P O R W A V E

  • Well, this is my phone background now

  • i need this as a wallpaper

  • I tried to paint my walls of the pantry in this kind of pattern where mountains becomes paler and paler but edges become less distinctive and overall it looks quite tacky.

  • Dope

  • Looked over your other photos. Good stuff! I spend a lot of time in the Cascades. Love the Mt. St. Helens wild flower one.

  • Looks a little a shot from Alto’s Adventure..

  • V A P O R W A V E

  • I’m on the whole other side of the country so it’d be a while.

  • lol I see bubbles from TPB in the moon!

  • Washington state is superior, isn’t it?:P

  • This is absolutely mesmerising. I especially love the colors of the sky.

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