Monster Rush addiction and review “anyone else playing it or am i alone in my addiction?” if so what do...

so i have been playing [Monster rush]( for a while during train rides home or to work and kinda got hooked on it and was wondering ie there anyone else playing it?

here is the link

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  • Nice try, Monster Rush developer.

  • …Did you just photoshop the monster from cut the rope and put it in your game? They look exactly alike, even in that pose where he sits down.

  • God damn son, you couldn’t make it any more obvious that you’re the developer.

  • Soooooo many ads. They even cover up part of the game area where you need to see the lollipops moving.

  • Just tried it. Wasn’t that fun imo but I can see the appeal. If you like games like flappy bird or doodle jump you’ll probably enjoy this one

  • What a weird post history, are you manually doing ads?

  • Is annoying that I have to keep playing the first day level over and over again.

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