Mom kickflips while pushing stroller

Mom kickflips while pushing stroller

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  • I wanna see her jump a six stair with the baby next

  • Disappointed. Was interested to see how someone kickflips a stroller

  • That’s called a strollie.

  • Whenever I see parents doing this sort of thing, I think back to that video where the skateboarding guy drops his kid, head first, onto cement. Can’t forget that cracking sound…

  • She should be careful, or she’ll get that baby sick.

  • She’s not like other mom’s. She’s a cool mom.

  • That’s Lindsay pastrana

  • I never once was able to kickflip, not ever. Many hours of trying with no success. It’s a genetic thing, has to be. If this had been me, I would have shot the nose of the board into my baby’s soft skull and you’d be hearing about it on your morning drive to work.

  • When you want to hit the skate park but you still got to be a good mom.

  • that was a clean kick flip

  • This is awesome. I’m actually working on an animation of this exact thing. It’s a work in progress but could use some critique.

  • thats like one of the cleanest, quickest kickflips ive ever seen

  • I read it as Monk kickflips while pushing stroller.

  • Don’t tell Dad!

  • Landing a kickflip is such a good feeling, you can tell it’s going to be perfect the moment your feet leave the board. Because you dont flip it and catch it with your feet, you flip it to your feet. I miss skateboarding.

    Edit: im a windbag so im expanding on my meaning. my kickflips only looked like how kickflips should if I thought of popping and flipping the board to my feet. There was no ‘catch’ the board came up and connected to the balls of my feet and I just pushed down.

  • That’s hot!

  • Wife goals

  • If she falls that pushes the stroller down. Hope the baby strapped in proper…

  • Must be on her way to buy some bagel bites

  • Dont tell your father about this

  • xtreme parenting

  • Radical feminism

  • Be cooler if the baby was doing it.

  • You should see baby daddy with him on the luge

  • Would be more impressive if she flipped the stroller and landed it.

  • This guy moms.

  • Makes it look so easy. She seems really cool.

  • This can become one of those old school cools for your future grandchildren

  • I have a feeling this will end up on r/oldschoolcool one day

  • That’s fucking rad. 90’s her so would be so proud.

  • *fails kickflip and drags down stroller as she falls*

  • It’s a cool gif

    But playing devil’s advocate.. if she faceplants, doesn’t she take the stroller with her?

    Think about it.. your hand is on the handle and then you’re suddenly headed to the ground before you can let go and the baby is doing a backflip

  • This is a the most rad thing I’ve seen all day.

  • This is unhealthy for the baby

  • It is actually a little easier to kick flip while pushing a stroller than it is to kickflip without it. The stroller acts as a rolling balance bar.

  • Thats a very rad mom

  • Is this that mom that does kickflips

  • Now that’s a Milf

  • MomStreetCred +>9000

  • It looks like she might have been in a stroller herself not too long ago

  • i have a strong feeling that baby was conceived nearby in those woods

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Parenthood 2018

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