MIT Professor Gives A Dire Warning to the U.S. About Funding Science – the decline of support for private and...

MIT Professor Gives A Dire Warning to the U.S. About Funding Science – the decline of support for private and public research sectors could lead to the U.S. falling behind as a global leader in research and innovation.

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  • This just in : if you don’t research stuff, you won’t lead in researching stuff.

  • It is very heartening to see so many people speaking out like this, but does anyone in the administration actually give a shit? Mike Pence probably thinks science is some kind of satanistic alchemy.

  • Be aware that scientists who advise the president have all been either fired or are kept unable to work. Of the almost 70 scientists who usually advise the president, only 11 remain and they have been told their future meetings have all been cancelled. It’s not “ignorance,” it’s on purpose. This does far more than make us “fall behind.” We’ve been stopped in our tracks.

  • Kill two birds with one stone: increase inequality by eliminating funding and thus jobs, and get rid of inconvenient science and realities.

  • This is kinda like how all countries that oppress women miss out on half their intellectual population and will never advance as fast as those who don’t.

  • If countries were the organs of earth the U.S. would be the stomach, not the brain.

    This isn’t exactly a new trend.

  • >Falling behind.

    We’re already way behind. If we want to remain in the top 10, let alone top 3, we’ve got to stop being anti-science in politics, which largely means getting religion out of politics.

  • Came here looking for typical tinfoil comments that its special interest BS. Not disappointed.

  • If his prediction is true, we could get caught up on patents by deleting red tape and purge old ones so that some of the awesome stuff that’s been buried by corporations can come roaring to the market. I wonder what sort of stuff had already been researched and discovered that we haven’t even heard about because it wasn’t deemed profitable at the time.

  • At this point in our political history.. we probably deserve to fall behind.

  • At this rate, Russia will reach the Alpha Centauri first and steal the science victory right from under us!

  • I hope we put more money towards applied sciences.

    Engineering, medicine, etc.

    Conservatives enjoy applied sciences, they just aren’t into studying evolution so much. Perhaps persuading them through how it can actually benefit the U.S. in establishing global supremacy through technological superiority, more resources can be put toward sciences.

    Make it a bipartisan effort, and try to limit the notion of it being a liberal only effort as many feel it is due to guys like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson and their followers kind of rebuking conservatives, further estranging them and preventing them from hearing the science community out.

    It’d be sweet to all get behind a good cause, kind of like how we did during the Cold War when we were all cheering on the Apollo crew whether we were liberals or conservatives.

    One of my dearest memories was sitting in a robotics class one day back in high school, with kids of all ideologies (liberal, centrist, conservative, hell, even an edgy anarchist kid) and having a blast messing around with our experiments.

  • It is already happening. Germany, China, and a few others are already making better advances, especially in renewable energy and space engineering.

  • The article is being woefully misrepresented by some. This isn’t about how we are undoubtedly the best in the world right now. It’s about how we are losing funding to support the BEST in the world right now. We will continue to be the best for the near future so long as our funding is up to par.

  • Academic research is published. My employer collaborates globally with academics.

    It doesn’t really matter where it is done.

    And corporations far outspend governments on research.

    Last I checked the NIH was $21B. Pfizer was $7B. This was a few years ago.

  • This.

    My supervisor buys a fancy characterization tool.

    After a couple months the school is charging us to use said tool because they’re strapped for cash.

  • I think the problem is that there are those making decisions that actually have to be told things like this. This is ridiculous.

  • Its ridiculous that more money does not go to NASA. It’s a fucking shame. NASA makes most of its research public.

  • Well we’re already that standing joke in politics, why not go all the way?

  • Pretty obvious if you’ve ever played a game of Civ.

  • Many other countries listen to their academics. But we all already know you guys won’t.

  • I’d gladly invest my life into science and research!.. If someone gladly paid my tuition and school debt.

  • Man receiving tax payer money complains about reduction in tax payer money being received. *Fixed

  • The US needs to be the damn innovator, it needs to be **the** place to be to research new technology, it needs to be on the cutting edge of all development, but anti-intellectualism and frankly, exceptionalist idiots have taken hold and are picking the country apart piece by piece to sell it to the lowest bidder on their campaigns.

  • Instead we’re ruining kids by encouraging them to major in garbage like “gender studies” instead of something actually worthwhile in STEM.

  • Serious question, won’t other countries just pick up the slack, do it for cheaper, and then we can just steal the IP with our plethora of Intelligence Agencies’ software/OS backdoors through public-private partnerships?

  • As long as we have oil we don’t need science. Everyone knows the Earth is flat, space is fake, and red bull gives you wings.

  • It’s kinda sad that people needed to be warned now… I think this should be common sense (about what the Professor is saying).

  • I don’t think the US cares. We’re in a race to become a developing country and soon after and third world country because our corporate masters seem to think that’s a good idea.

  • I’ve been browsing reddit for quite a while now and I swear to the little blue alien himself I see this stupid headline every 2-3 months. When’s it going to happen already? Enough with this chicken little bullshit.

  • It’s ok boys we can just dig more coal amirite? /s

  • I’m sorry, is this not common sense to most people? Funding things makes them better. Not sure why we needed an MIT professor to say it.

  • Hmm. From Europe we are very aware of the recent cuts, but thankfully government agencies like darpa and NASA have been keeping tech at the bleeding edge.

    The USA is currently leading the western world in private science investment decline however.

    Remove the got agencies and investment falls to a level roughly congruent with the poorest nations in Europe, and behind the UK, Germany, China, Russia! And India even

    People gotta remember that education and health are keys to a bright future.

  • C’mon science. It’s pretty obvious. If we put less money into science that will incentivise scientists to do better and earn that money. /s

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