[misc] A5 Wagyu beef

[misc] A5 Wagyu beef

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  • I want a Hawaiian shirt with a5 wagyu marbling as the pattern

  • I’ve seen leaner bacon.

  • Are Wagyu / Kobe beef even able to move by the time they get to this much marbling? It seems like the muscles shouldn’t even function with more fat than tissue since the muscle fibers need to connect to move / contract?

  • My dad once bought a $160 wagyu roast and we smoked it. It melted in our mouths. It honestly was so rich I had to eat cheap stuff in between to keep eating it. Kinda like the German chocolate cake of beef. Or really good thick pork belly

  • There’s more fat than beef.

  • In case anyone else is interested in meat grading that is in the title of OP’s post (A5), here’s a little tidbit on it.

    In order to ensure fair trading, beef in Japan is currently graded by the Japan Meat Grading Association on the basis of the yield grade and meat quality grade.

    The yield grade refers to the ratio of meat to the total weight of the carcass, and is classified into 3 grades from A to C, with A providing a higher yield.

    The meat quality grade is classified into five grades from 1 to 5, based on four criteria: fat marbling; the colour and brightness of the meat; its firmness and texture; and the colour and brightness of the fat. The lowest of the four individual grades becomes the final grade allocated to the meat.
    A thorough grading system of 15 grades (using a combination of the two above-mentioned elements) ensures a clear indication of Wagyu meat quality and yield grade.

  • Shokugeki?

  • Is that a slab of marbled beef or beefed marble?

  • I probably look a little like wagyu on the inside

  • bet thatd be so good well done!

  • Another exciting picture of uncooked Waygu beef

  • Was in japan last month, and had yakiniku with these types of beef for the first time…..we thought it was gonna be amazing…blah, blah…but we realized it was just beef with a lot of fat (yes, I know, shocker)….and while it was certainly tender, it was also very fatty (have nothing against fat, but this was almost like eating an oily marshmallow)…..was just underwhelming. Not sure if it’s just what we got, or the preparation was wrong, or maybe we are not sophisticated enough, but our quest for these types of beef ended with the huge bill that came at the end.

  • What does a Wagyu cow look like tho?

  • What I learn from Shokugeki No Soma its not all about the meat quality its about combining all ingredients to complement each other so that chicks will tear their clothes off while food orgasming

  • This picture perfectly illustrates why I don’t enjoy Wagyu.

  • At what point is it just fat?

  • That fat has great meat marbling…

  • Is it just me or has anyone else figured out a path from bottom to the top

  • How much?

  • Put it in a frame and you’ve got a piece of art

  • R/elderscrolls Horker meat?

  • I just had Wagyu for the first time this weekend. It will ruin any steak I eat from this point forward.

  • So can these cows even walk?

  • That looks like I should fold it into the pocket of a bespoke suit

  • Umm… I think you left some meat in my slab of fat :p

  • Need to try this. Drooling over here.

  • Americans are asleep, post Japanese beef.

  • That’s not A5, that aspect ratio is clearly Junior Legal at best.

    You’re getting ripped off!

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