Mini Colossus Skin – A skin for Paladin

Mini Colossus Skin – A skin for Paladin

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  • Damn Yin Yarn. You have some talent.

  • Looks like master yi

  • Yin please stop right there, dont give deca an idea to make as a cash grab for them we dont need it in a mystery box

  • Love the sprite work and shading.

  • I REALLY want this as a drop from mbc

  • Art on preview looks good, but skin…

  • I don’t like it very much. But that’s mainly because the colossus is just a rock man and rock men aren’t very interesting to look at visually. The sprite is done fairly well although has pretty random seeming shading on it.

  • No Yin don’t give Dookie ideas

  • The art by kodinami looks great

  • I’m fine with a better looking stone paladin.

  • I like it. And if we could get the dye areas right, the sword and golden hilt pixel should remain always uncolored, and the grey area should be the large dye/cloth area, and the eyes should be the small cloth/dye area.

    Wait, do we even know what the full set sprite change looks like? Has anyone gathered the full set yet..??

  • I know I kinda trashed your Baby God pets, but I *really* like this skin! It looks amazing!

  • I’m watching a yinyarn video, mid video I look at r/rotmg and I see a really cool yinyarn post and a great skin.

    gg, yinyarn.

  • Actually really really nice dude!

  • If you’re gonna make a colossus skin, at least make it look good. Don’t just translate the botched shading.

  • 100/10 gib plox

  • yes

  • registeel?

  • Mystery box?!

  • That’s so good! Best one.

  • Why does Kodinami’s art look like a Mega Man character?

  • Needs more frying /u/DeepFryBot

  • Step 1: Pillar,

    Step 2: Hands and sword

    :3 (Just joking It’s awesome man! I love the art as well!!!)

  • Dam that art reminds me of classic megaman.

  • I’m really conflicted because for one, it’s (well obviously) completely overshaded, but at the same time I’d be mad if you didn’t make it true to the 16×16 sprite.


  • Cool idea but looks almost the same as stone paladin

  • We need this as a fucking drop no more skins which represent a boss/enemy in a mystery box (Why the Lemon pet stone)

  • you did a good job of capturing the “literal trash” aesthetic from the source work

  • The art is awesome. Good job.

    The sprite, on the other hand, looks like you went into and had some fun with the noise. I know you were trying to copy the boss but really you should make it your own. Or make another version that you made yourself. The marble colossus isn’t very good sprite wise :l


  • tell kodinami that looks absolutely amazing

  • What would it look like with dyes?

  • Damn, I made something just like this a long time ago. Probably should have posted it, haha.

  • aren’t they respriting the colossus?

  • But… but what about knight? 🙁

  • pls decker no misery box

  • How about no to the mystery box

  • This is only popular and not downvoted to shit because the art and because yin yarn made it. If anyone else made just the Sprite without the art it would be downvoted and only have negative comments because, frankly that Sprite is bad. But this subreddit sucks off youtubers so hard oh well.

  • If Deca doesn’t add this they’re poops!

  • No offense, but the art is infinitely better than the sprite. I might be biased because I hate the marble colossus sprite in the first place, though.

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